How to Improve the Security of Your Business

How to Improve the Security of Your Business

As a business owner, you recruit the most talented staff, build working relationships, boost your reputation and ultimately aim to safeguard the future of your company.

But when you invest such a vast amount of time and effort into growing your business, you also need to ensure that it is protected. Here are some ideas and security features for your company.

Install CCTV and an Alarm System

Depending upon the type of business you own, you may already have closed circuit television installed on the premises. If not, do not let the initial cost and outlay put you off. CCTV is a fantastic form of deterrent and if the worst should occur, it could help the catch the perpetrator. Combine with an alarm system that when triggered will alert the authorities.

Increase Lighting

Along with CCTV, lighting can act as a deterrent. For obvious reasons, law breakers seek to work in the dark. Premises that are visible are harder to target, as it is more difficult to enter and exit without being detected. To reduce your company’s carbon footprint, use motion sensor lighting that will activate when someone is on site.

Strengthen Entrance Points

If the access points to your company’s premises are vulnerable, they are more susceptible to attack. When strengthening these areas, make sure to focus on windows as well as doors. Install alarms and fit locking devices on all windows, a measure that costs but may reduce the price of your insurance. You may also consider bars or shutters for extra piece of mind.

Control Entry

One of the most effective ways of protecting your business is to control access. There are a variety of ways to do this, depending upon the size and holding of your company. Choose from a security code system that requires a pin code, train and assign key holders, or use more sophisticated swipe and scan technology.

Internal Prevention

While you want and need to trust your staff, it is important to carry out thorough screening before you offer employment. Upon appointment, continue to monitor employees in the workplace by carrying out bag or locker searches, holding compulsive crime training, and regularly checking stock levels and equipment. A UK security company will be able to provide further advice on this.

When you have installed your chosen security features, make sure to conduct regular risk assessments and checks, as well as carry out maintenance. And do not forget, you can further protect your business by implementing online security.

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