How To Make Your Business More Innovative

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Now more than ever it’s important for businesses to be more innovative if they’re to survive.

Businesses in record numbers have been forced to close because of the pandemic and global recession, but a few small independents have beaten the odds. By changing their business model, the way they reach their customers, and even their core service, they’ve capitalised on a captive market – we’re all stuck at home after all – and have transformed their business. 

Not only can innovation help save your business in the short-term, it also creates opportunities for greater efficiency, cost reduction, and a more engaged and productive workforce.

Here are some simple ways you can create a more innovative business. 

Create a culture of innovation

The first, and often hardest step is to establish a culture where all ideas are encouraged. Employees are more likely to develop a can-do attitude that is the catalyst for innovation. Less than 12 months ago, it was unheard of for office workers to work from home, and now not only has it become the norm, but it will change the way the majority of us work forever

To create a culture of innovation, companies need to encourage open communication. This can be brainstorming meetings between employees and managers, or anonymous online suggestion boxes. 

Recruit innovative people

For a business to be truly innovative, it needs innovative people. When hiring new staff, it’s important employees look for candidates who see things differently and will bring a fresh perspective to the environment. 

Research shows that a diverse and inclusive workforce helps businesses become more innovative and more successful overall. 

Embrace innovative business technology

New technology presents huge innovative opportunities for businesses. Embracing technology can be as simple as creating an online store or implementing cash-less payment systems. Paul Ward, sales director of Shelbourne Motors, a Toyota dealer in Norther Ireland says,

“Being online has never been more important, and this new investment and focus means we are better equipped to deliver the best service consistently, efficiently and effectively at all times, and in a way that customers want to be served.”

Being able to reach new customers and provide a seamless experience will help ensure not only the survival of your business but will help enable it to thrive. 

Bring innovation in

Innovation doesn’t always have to be driven from inside an organisation. In fact, getting out into the local community and collaborating is a great way to share ideas. Collaborating externally with other businesses will not only bring fresh ideas and new customers, but it will help the local community too. 

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