How To Upscale Your Outbound Lead Campaigns with Telemarketing: 5 Things To Consider

How To Upscale Your Outbound Lead Campaigns with Telemarketing: 5 Things To Consider

We take a look at how to upscale your outbound lead campaigns with UK based telemarketing.

Need more sales? Which business doesn’t.

Working with an outbound telemarketing specialist it is possible to quickly and efficiently upscale your campaigns to bring in new leads and sales.

Making the choice of how to do that isn’t easy, and there are a lot of simple mistakes you can make – so we have listed five things you should consider.

1 – Internal or External Resource

Whether or not you choose to work with an internal resource or an external provider can depend on a lot of factors, from how much time you have available, to how much experience you and your business have with telemarketing.

With an external provider you can quickly upscale a new campaign without having to worry about hiring or additional HR costs.

An internal resource on the other hand also has its benefits, but can take longer to set up and you may not hit optimum performance as early – which could potentially slow your growth at an early stage.

2 – Location

A UK based center of operations has a lot of benefits. Customers feel much more at home speaking to people based in the UK, and that will show in your sales figures.

Having your telemarketing operation in the UK means you can work much more closely with your provider, making managing your campaign easier and more efficient.

3 – Script

To script, or not to script?

As tempting as it might be to create a script for agents to work from, a telemarketing professional will tell you it probably isn’t a good idea to enforce one too strictly.

A good sales person has to take each call at a time, build up a relationship, and work with each person as individual based on their needs and requirements.

This was a tip we read on the website of a UK based providerĀ Lingo Telemarketing, with whom you can set out a brief for the agents, without having to work on putting together a script.

4 – Tracking

This is something even a lot of big companies get wrong. Without being able to effectively track how many leads you are getting from a campaign, or different variations of a campaign – you will be in the dark.

Using call tracking systems, it is possible to possible to track an online campaign right to a specific keyword and phonecall.

There are a small handful of providers in the UK, and it usually works by assigning each user a specific and temporary phone number which is displayed on the site.

Or you can more broadly have a specific number for each campaign or source, eg SEO, Pay per click, etc.

5 – Reporting

It is important to consider how you will be able to view reports on the performance of your campaigns.

With good quality reporting systems, it is possible to quickly see how effective your campaigns are, and make decisions effectively on when, where, and how to allocate your resources.

Graphical interfaces and charting is another great way of representing your data, something which can be expensive and tricky to develop yourself, but is available with some providers.

We hope you have found our article useful, please leave any comments or questions below.



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