Pay And Get Paid Quickly: A Cost-Effective Solution To Your Cross-Border Payments And Currency Collections

Pay And Get Paid Quickly: A Cost-Effective Solution To Your Cross-Border Payments And Currency Collections

If you run a business that’s involved in cross-border payments, reducing your risk and payment costs is a top priority. Complete control over how and when you transact can open up limitless opportunities for your business. Foreign exchange for businesses can quickly get complicated if you’re constantly dealing with different providers and bank accounts.

Currency Solved from Sable International is a business forex solution that allows you to make cross-border payments, collect money from global clients and convert between multiple currencies – all on one platform.

Zero fees and no hidden costs with Currency Solved

Businesses that regularly send money overseas often make the mistake of using banks to do their international transfers. Unfortunately, banks don’t offer the best payment solutions. Not only do they charge a premium to transfer, convert, send and receive funds, they also add a significant mark-up to their exchange rates.

With Currency Solved, you pay no fees and there are no hidden costs. When converting between currencies, you’ll be able to see your exchange rate in real-time and easily compare it to the mid-market rate. You decide if it’s best to convert your funds or hold the original currency in your account until you’re ready to make your transaction.

Convert, pay and collect at your convenience


Currency Solved allows you to receive payments from around the world quicker, easier and more cost-effectively. Convert between 38 currencies and pay anyone globally.


Currency collection from customers around the world. Virtual account numbers for USD and Euros make it easier for your customers in the USA and the Eurozone to pay into local accounts in their own currency. You’ll receive the money quickly, allowing you to easily convert and pay into your home bank account.


Convert between 38 currencies at live exchange rates, without conversion fees. There’s a small mark-up on the exchange rate, but it’s always transparent – you see exactly what you’re getting, and how it compares to the mid-market rate. You can also hold multiple currencies in their own virtual wallets to use when you need them.


The Currency Solved platform allows you to fund your account with your local currency and make payments in 38 currencies. You can load and manage beneficiaries to keep track of your suppliers, and never worry about long delays with payments, thanks to instant payment options and fast payouts.

Who is Currency Solved for?

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Currency Solved is for businesses who make and receive international payments. Whether you’re an importer or exporter, run a wholesale business or are in the travel and tourism industry, you can easily receive payments from international clients and convert money regularly between multiple currencies.

How do I open an account?

Opening a Currency Solved account is free. All you need is a photo of your current passport and a proof of address that’s not older than three months. To get started, simply visit Sable International’s website and fill in the application form. A forex broker will get in touch to set you up.

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