Is This the Year to Go Paperless?

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It’s estimated that the average office prints out around forty sheets of paper every single day. That means that even a small business can quickly amount a large collection of files.

In the past, it was a legal regulation to keep physical records, but e-documents are now fast becoming recognised as valid in the majority of situations

Why Make the Switch?

Modern technology now makes switching to a paperless system easier than ever before. In many ways, it’s also much more convenient. Much like email has made it easier to send messages to each other, digitising your physical records makes it much easier for employees to find the files they’re looking for.

More Space in the Office

One of the most common problems office users have in day-to-day life is simply floor space. Renting real estate is already expensive, especially in large cities, making it unpractical to look for a larger headquarters. Switching to a paperless system eliminates the need for large file cabinets or drawers.

For instance, converting around 125,000 sheets of paper into digital data would only amount to around 2.5GB.When you consider that most online cloud storage plans for businesses start at a minimum 1TB – that’s 1,000GB – the potential savings are huge. The space you save could be used to house an extra workstation, accommodate another employee, or create an area for collaborative projects.

Better for the Environment

Nowadays, we’re all aware of the effect our individual carbon footprint has on the environment. Being aware of something doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make the required steps to change anything though.

Fortunately, switching to a paperless system is one of the simplest and easiest ways to have a meaningful impact. Studies based in the United States found that the average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper every year.

Collectively, that amounts to over five million tonnes of waste produced annually. By eliminating the need to keep stocking up on printer ink and paper, you’ll also be reducing your energy bills by not needing to power extra equipment.

You may be concerned about the risks of hardware failure or trusting your data backups with a relatively new technology like cloud storage. If so, consider using a third-party records management service like TNT Business Solutions. They can keep a physical copy of your files in a secure, off-site location ready for when you need it. This way, you’ll get the benefits of both worlds.

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