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The Modern Day Team: How To Create The Ultimate Workforce

The Modern Day Team: How To Create The Ultimate Workforce

For a long time managers studied textbook after textbook based on team building – and many still do.

We’re referring to the likes of forming, storming, norming and performing – and all other philosophies that were ingrained in the art of building a successful team.

Now, it might be fair to say that things are going back to basics. Sure, depending on your style, some managers might still like to refer to theories that have been doing the rounds for years.

However, if you’re the type of person who wants to implement something quickly, without dealing with the theory, we’ve pieced together today’s post.

We will now take a look at some of the best methods that successful teams are using to strengthen their workforce.

Specific team building exercises

The Modern Day Team: How To Create The Ultimate Workforce

Some of the suggestions through this page will focus on the day-to-day suggestions that you implement with a team, but let’s start with one of the most significant ways.

More and more companies are starting to turn to activity days, and other events, in a bid to knit their team together. Once upon a time these may have focused on bar crawls and similar traditional activities, but this is now changing.

Everything from London treasure hunts to boat races is on the agenda – with all tending to have a record of helping individuals work better together.

These types of events tend to work best within those teams that aren’t entirely familiar with each other, and will benefit from various problem-solving activities to help them gel together more.

Involving more people in the hiring process

This is a completely different suggestion to the previous one, but some companies have reaped a lot of success on the back of it. Admittedly, getting more people involved in the hiring process isn’t going to work for all businesses, but for smaller ones in particular it can work wonders.

Not only does it give more people in the team a little extra responsibility, but it also increases the chances of those being hired actually fitting into the group. Sometimes this is missed by senior management, who perhaps don’t look at the personal characteristics of an individual as much as their specific skills.

Going on an adventure

The Modern Day Team: How To Create The Ultimate Workforce

This is another one of those suggestions that can make a monumental difference if implemented properly.

More and more teams are starting to invest in team outings. Rather than just lasting for the day, these can last for several or even a week at a time. The point of the adventure is usually to conquer a challenge, usually of the fitness variety, and really testing every element of their personality.

Of course, while these challenges are testing, there is an element of fun to them. It’s the combination of the two which makes them ideal for team building and by the conclusion of the task, all involved will have really got to know each other and developed significantly more as a group.

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