What To Look For In An Agricultural Solicitor

What To Look For In An Agricultural Solicitor

Agricultural law is a legal field that covers issues pertaining to farming.

An agricultural solicitor provides both practical and commercial advice regarding various matters. Because the area involves an entire sector, an agricultural solicitor can represent individual farmers and small farms or large corporations.

Some of the cases that agricultural lawyers deal with include:Producer organisations and cooperatives

  • Production and sale of products
  • Land ownership and usage rights
  • Crop seed business
  • Tax and financing
  • Plant variety rights protection
  • Specialist licenses

An agricultural solicitor understands the complex workings of this specific area of practice and the current laws in the UK. However, not every lawyer in the industry is well-suited to work on your case.

What makes one solicitor a better match than another?

Current on Regulations

What To Look For In An Agricultural Solicitor

The regulations governing land use, farming and other agricultural issues in the UK are diverse and keep evolving. The right agricultural solicitor should be up to date on policies and all regulations that may impact your dispute.

If it’s an acquisition of an agricultural company, a lawyer must be able to tell if the action infringes on current UK competition laws. In an instance where employment laws have changed, an agricultural solicitor should know how that relates to your case.

Area of Focus

Agricultural law covers many practice areas, including government contract law, product liability law and environmental law. When in need of legal representation, find out where your dispute falls.

For instance, an issue about rights of way will be argued under land use and zoning laws. If your farm is merging with a company then the lawyer must understand business and commercial law.

Find a solicitor with expertise and experience in the field that corresponds to your case.


What To Look For In An Agricultural Solicitor

When taking advice from an agricultural lawyer, you want assurances that it is tried and tested. Agricultural solicitors offer guidance on critical matters that will affect the future of your business.

The experience that a lawyer has in making these kinds of decisions speaks a lot for their reputation. If you are facing sanctions from a government agency like the EA, it’s preferable to work with a lawyer who has dealt with environmental issues and government bodies before.

If negotiations are involved in your dispute, an experienced lawyer knows the argument to put forward.

Align with Your Goals

Your objectives as an individual or company will dictate the right lawyer to work with when dealing with an agricultural dispute.

The goals that a small-scale farmer has are very different from the bottom-line of a multimillion seed corporation, and that will influence the legal professionals they work with.

Usually, an agricultural law firm will deal with a broad range of clients. However, you can have the final say on the specific lawyer you will work with. Look at the past cases of a solicitor and the results. If possible, get testimonials from clients with disputes similar to yours.

An agricultural solicitor has the expertise to help whether you are negotiating a contract, or dealing with a farming property dispute amongst many other areas. Find a professional with the necessary industry qualifications and certifications to deal with your agriculture-related legal problems.

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