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If you’ve got a computer, an internet connection and a web cam then there are plenty of ways you can make money this year while still following the government’s social distancing guidelines and regulations. Technology like Zoom means it’s possible to meet face-to-face without ever needing to be in the same room. Why not use that to your advantage and make a little extra cash?


Part time tutors have really struggled this year with cancelled classes. However, the vast majority of skills can be taught almost as effectively over a video call – you just need to get creative about your teaching methods. You can use the screen sharing function to show you tutee helpful slides or even watch educational videos together.

Just be sure to have plenty of interaction with your student throughout the session. It’s easy for a virtual class to turn into more of a lecture, so ask them plenty of questions and set up activities for them to complete whilst you’re both on the call.

Wedding/event planning

Any good event planner should meet their clients in order to get a good sense of what they’re looking for, but there’s no reason that this can’t be done remotely.

Whether you’re helping to plan a wedding, a conference or some other type of event, the first meeting can be arranged via video call. After that, it’s easy to share idea boards and venue suggestions digitally with your clients, and the hard work of making bookings can all be done online or via the phone.

Women holding laptop. Zoom call wedding planning

Remember, current regulations mean that big events are off the table for this year. However there’s still lots of work to be had planning parties for the future, as it’s important to start planning with plenty of time to spare. This kind of work suits creative people with strong organisational skills.

Virtual tour guide

Limited travel has made it difficult for would-be holiday makers to get out and explore other countries and cities – which has led to a boom in the unusual industry of virtual tours. If you know a lot about your local area, then you can book people in for a Zoom session and tell them all about it. You’ll need a presentation with lots of high-quality pictures or, better still, a video that takes your guests down the streets that you’re talking about.

Your tour will be particularly interesting if you can find a particular angle to discuss, be that local hauntings, films shot in the area or simply the town’s history. You could also consider freelancing for one of the more established agencies if drumming up customers isn’t your strongest skill.

Business coaching

Business coaching has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and with the challenges and changes brought on by the pandemic, there is plenty of demand right now.

People may want help adapting to working from home, or they may be trying to adjust to a new role after changes in their industry. If you have lots of experience in this area and a good, motivational approach then digital coaching may be for you. There are also short qualifications that you can take in this area to prove that you know what you’re talking about. Given that many people are changing career at the moment, you could also consider interview coaching.

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