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Best-Selling EVs In The UK

Tesla Model 3 car at charging site

It is now highly common to see electric cars on the roads as many motorists have made the switch in recent years.

In fact, at the end of July, there were 520,000 registered battery-electric cars in the UK with a growth of 92% in 2021 compared to 2020. More and more will be making the switch now with the rising energy costs and concerns over climate change, so what are a few of the best-selling EVs in the UK that are worth looking at?

Tesla Model 3

Unsurprisingly, the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling EV last year with 34,783 sales. Tesla has become the face of the electric car revolution and its futuristic and technologically-advanced vehicles offer an incredible driving experience. The Model 3 is also the cheapest in the lineup but can still boast a range of 305 miles. Gap insurance is worthwhile if you opt for a Tesla for financial protection. What is gap insurance? This covers the shortfall between an insurance payout after a write off and the amount originally paid. 

Kia e-Niro

The e-Niro from Kia was the second best-selling EV in 2021 with 12,271 units sold (this goes to show just how popular the Model 3 is). The Kia e-Niro is a highly practical option for motorists because it is large, spacious, easy to drive and comes with plenty of great tech. It is capable of 280 miles and is one of the more affordable options, plus you also have the benefit of Kia’s lengthy 7-year warranty. 

Volkswagen ID 3

The VW ID 3 is the electric equivalent of the much-loved Golf, so it is no surprise it has been so popular with motorists making the switch. In 2021, there were 11,032 models sold and a strong choice for those seeking a family hatchback. There are a number of battery options available with the range-topping Tour S Pro model capable of 330 miles on a single charge. 

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf has been one of the most popular EVs for some time now, largely thanks to the fact that it is more affordable than many of its competitors. There were 9,052 models sold in 2021 and it is a popular choice with families looking for something less flashy than the alternatives. The range will depend on the model that you go for with the range-topping model offering 239 miles on a single charge.

These are the best-selling EVs in the UK and all excellent choices for those thinking of making the switch. More and more motorists are making the switch as a way to protect themselves against the rising cost of fuel and the cost of living, plus driving an electric car is also an excellent way to reduce your environmental impact.

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