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How Renewable Energy In The Home Will Save You Money

How Renewable Energy In The Home Will Save You Money

The discussion about global warming and renewable energy has never been louder.

Although scientists have been pointing out the obvious for well over a decade, change is finally coming. Big decisions have been made at international conferences, and global opinion is changing.
However, it’s often difficult to see how we can help on a small, personal level. One option is installing renewable energy at home. Not only is it good for the environment, it will also save you a fortune in the long run.
So, what are your options?

Solar power

Solar power is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of renewable energy. In the past, they’ve been written off as ineffective and inefficient.
That was certainly true five-ten years ago. Now, these sheets of thermal electronics are highly powerful and efficient. Not only will they reduce your electricity bills, you’ll actually make more energy than you use.

That means you can sell it back to the grid for a profit. You can get started with solar thermal kits. These generate energy from heat, rather than light.

Wind turbines

Another common option is the use of wind turbines. You’ve probably all seen giant turbines in the countryside or wind farms out on the ocean.

But, you can now install smaller versions in your own backyard. With increased capacity and energy conversion rates, they can power the entire house.

Again, these wind turbines will generate more energy than is used up, meaning you can sell it back to suppliers. This is a great financial planning technique, and a strong long-term investment.


If you’re not sure which option is best for your home or local area, try a hybrid option. These combine the power of solar and wind power to create a flawless hybrid.

When the wind drops in the summer, the thermal and solar power will kick in. During the winter, when the temperatures disappear, the wind turbine will do all the heavy lifting. This is even better value for money, and you’ll generate yet more power.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are an ingenious solution that uses the natural warmth of the earth. The process involves laying piping under the soil on your property.

The natural heat warms up the water, before pumping it around your home. Like all of the solutions on this list, heat pumps cost money to install.

The beauty of these systems is that they eventually pay for themselves. Over the next few years, you’ll pay almost no heating bills whatsoever.


We’ve all seen the mega dams in Egypt and China. In fact, China produces nearly 10% of all its electricity from the Three Gorges dams alone. It’s clear that hydropower is incredibly effective. But, is it a viable option for your home system?

There are smaller, micro hydro options that work to generate electricity from waste water. Some use a small watermill in a closeby river too.

As you can see, there are plenty of options out there if you’re looking to make a difference. Each will save you a small fortune in the long run. You may even find yourself hoarding excess energy, and selling it back to the grid.

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