5 Top Energy Providers With A Green Tariff

5 Top Energy Providers With A Green Tariff

More and more business and homes are looking into ways to reduce their carbon foot print. The energy provided to power businesses and homes is a great place to start.

Were do we start. Well a green supply tariff (GST) determines that some or almost all electricity that we buy gets ‘matched’ at the time of purchase of the renewable energy, by the energy supplier who makes it on the users behalf.

There are many sources of renewable energy, for example wind farms, solar power, as well as hydroelectric power stations. A few sources of the GST are also nuclear-free. The supplier whom you choose must be able to inform you regarding the sources which are available to for their GST, and also what percentage of the supply is renewable.

Several of the green tariffs supply only 100% renewable energy. And a selection of energy providers make both renewable as well as non-renewable electricity. Customers need to check that the volume of renewable electricity which they are buying is at least equivalent to the amount that is sold via green tariffs. Although some specific companies do purchase only renewable electricity enabling all their customers remain on the green tariff.

Demand of Local, Renewable Energy

5 Top Energy Providers With A Green Tariff

Customers, and especially companies, are purchasing RECs to reduce the volume of fossil fuel-based electricity. The companies prefer this so that they can match sustainability goals and for environmental reasons. The fact is that major companies, as well as residential customers, are finding the direct purchase of renewable energy—for example with the installation of solar panels on roofs or long-term agreement with Independent power producers—will save electricity costs.

In some major areas of the United States, renewable energy is priced lower than that of the none renewable electricity.

5 Top Energy Providers With A Green Tariff

Popular energy providers with green tariffs:

There are many more suppliers of energy in the industry with green tariffs.  You can use Money Expert’s energy comparison tool to save on energy prices, by making a comparison and easily seeing which green provider best suits your needs.

Bristol Energy: Bristol Energy supports consumers to go green and remain there. This company offers the cheapest 100% green tariff deals in the industry. It reinvests the profits earned back to the local communities and is a publicly owned company. The company prices are low and consider fairness prices as more important than profit. No exit fees are charged and it offers Warm Home Discount for supporting vulnerable customers.

Bulb: Bulb is a highly trusted energy provider of the industry in the UK, having an outstanding Trustpilot score which is consistently over 9.5. They work independently and this supports the company in keeping their prices low and delivering exceptional services. Bulb offers a simple rate, and there is no 12-month contracts nor exit charges.

iSupplyEnergy: Several thousand customers are banking on iSupplyEnergy to take care of their energy needs. This provider gives key focus on the simplicity, affordable prices as well as outstanding customer service. Vattenfall is the owner of iSupplyEnergy and is one of the most trusted companies within Europe, having more than 9 million customers. The company offers 100% renewable electricity and provides a meter reading facility to customers before making payments.

Good Energy: Good Energy enjoys a great name in the industry for being a trustworthy seller of renewable power to UK households since 1999. Aside to this, it has managed to maintain its name in the list of best green electricity suppliers within the UK.  It is also a notable ethical company having been recognised by Ethical Consumer Magazine, and existed for over 20 years. 100% of the energy supplied is renewably sourced, 6% supply of its green gas is sourced from bio-methane and it’s currently offering support to 112,000 homes.

Ecotricity: Ecotricity is one of the original clean suppliers in the UK. Its customer service is award-winning, and it ensures every customer is getting the same price with zero exit fees plus no penalties.

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