3 Changes Food Companies Must Embrace

3 Changes Food Companies Must Embrace

When it comes to business types, few are quite so reliable as food-oriented businesses. For as long as humans are able to walk the earth, they will need nourishment– food businesses are about as necessary as it gets.

Of course, if you’re a food business owner, you will know that this necessity does not always equal consistency. The food industry has to adapt and change just like any other business sector; sometimes, the changes can be rapid, leaving many food businesses struggling to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the public.

As we continue into 2018, food business owners would do well to be aware of the three main changes in regards to the attitude to food.

These changes vary in size and scale, but they all indicate the same need: to adapt your business to suit the new whims of your customer.

Health is becoming more and more essential

If you own a business that specialises in food frequently demonised as “unhealthy”, then it might be time to look into providing healthier options. More than ever, food customers are insisting on healthy food.

What denotes as healthy can differ from person to person especially as news articles can be conflicting at times. If you avoid processed foods and purchase more unrefined foods without preservatives and altered to a point where it’s no longer recognisable you can’t go far wrong.

The continued influence of the definitive cookery TV show

Any food business owner will be well aware of just how trend-based food preferences can be. Over the years, TV shows have come to play a huge part in these trends.

You know that if The Great British Bake Off features a showstopper recipe that calls for dates, you’re going to need to head to the likes of to stock up on dates, because the enamoured viewing public will want to try the recipe for themselves.

For as long as TV culinary shows have been in existence, this has been the standard– and “Bake Off” was responsible for more food trends than any other show that came before it.

Many predicted that The Great British Bake Off would flounder away from the BBC, but, as reported at, Channel 4 have managed to continue the magic.

Food bosses should therefore pay great attention to GBBO when it returns for its second series on Channel 4.

The tide is turning on “overpriced” food

The general customer is becoming more savvy about what they deem to be “overpriced” or “hipster” food. As http://www, reported, the owners of a “cereal cafe” found themselves subject to weeks of protests due to what was seen to be over-inflated price gouging– and this is just one example.

Heed the warning and look over your pricing structure, ensuring that everything you are charging is justifiable in terms of your costs.

In conclusion

The confusing nature of change in the food industry is unavoidable, but by keeping the above in mind, you can be sure your business will be able to adapt as required.

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