3 Logistical Preparations For Shifting Business Premises

Business premises with moving boxes and wrapped chair

There are many reasons why a firm may decide to shift their premises from one building to another, either to grow or downsize or integrate new on-site functionality as part of their brand.

Renewed office space for the integration of new departments as well as amenities for staff, or more factory space for the manufacturing responsibilities a firm holds, both of these are just two examples of why such an investment and logistical effort are required.

This process is a long one, however, and takes sharp insight to plan for. There are many moving parts to consider when moving business premises, and most often these need to be designed around limiting your business downtime thoroughly. If possible, keeping your firm as operational as possible throughout your staggered moving effort is the best way to proceed.

In this post, we’ll discuss three essential logistical considerations to keep in mind when planning this move. That way, you can accommodate the unexpected head of time.

Machine & Equipment Removal

Hiring a specialist service for machine removal is essential, allowing you to deconstruct, safely move, and calibrate your machinery as appropriate, helping you minimise downtime while also limiting the damage or need for replacement that may come through alternate methods. This is often one of the first measures used by companies looking to change premises, as ensuring the development of the new manufacturing space with proper safety, dimensions planning and installation must take place in order to ensure the premises meets its standards and is verified for long-term operation.

Temporary Workplace Settings

Temporary office blocks that can be placed on both premises grounds can help you give your staff somewhere to work, in good conditions, without having to sit in proximity to a developing or deconstructing office. This way, there’s as much of a seamless transition as possible; and staff can ultimately remain in complete working comfort while this process happens. Then, when their department is called, they can meet at their new department point, assign seats, and learn the new amenities. You may also be able to integrate new work-from-home allocations in order to make this process more easily staggered, this integration serving as one of the incredibly rare upsides of the Covid pandemic.

Health & Safety Approaches

It’s crucial to keep in mind your health and safety responsibilities when moving from one premises to another. A new premises means a new safety setup, meaning that new issues may exist, new signposts need to be properly placed, and new evacuation plans need to be made. All of this should be planned in advance before you allow a single soul into the building, and those moving in department-by-department should be blocked from entering the unfinished areas, clearly signposted, so that they don’t fall into harm’s way.

With this advice, you’re sure to make appropriate logistical preparations even when shifting business premises. This can help you reduce harm, decrease the timeline of your move, while also allowing you to furnish the building as appropriate for new professionals to enter.

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