3 Tips For Building A Workspace That Lasts

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Whether you’re looking to open your first retail outlet or are considering a redesign for your company’s office, the time and thought that you put into your workspace will determine not only its efficiency, but also its longevity.

Moving workspace is a big upheaval for all involved and can be very costly, so here are three tips to help you build a workspace that will last the test of time.

Plan for expansion

Buying or designing a workspace to fit your needs for the present day will often leave you short of space in the months or years to come, which is why it is very important for every successful business to look ahead and factor in their future growth.

This could mean buying an office space with a few more desks than you currently need, or purchasing a store with space to expand next door when the time is right, or alternatively, it could mean negotiating a lease that enables you to break free early should you need to expand ahead of schedule.

With growth, there will always come a time to pack up and move on but this can be extended with some clever forward planning, saving you money on unnecessary moves.

Invest in your foundations

Your workspace will only ever be as durable as its foundations and cutting costs on these essentials can cost you far more money in the long run. It’s far easier to put problems with your foundations right early before your space is decorated and functional. Some areas to consider include:

Your plumbing

Some buildings have plumbing that simply isn’t cut out for a lot of use and so it’s vital to check that the plumbing is able to accommodate the number of people that you plan to have using it.

Your electrics

In this digital age, a shop or an office will struggle without electricity so be sure to have the wiring checked to make sure that it is safe and capable of fulfilling your electricity requirements.

Your flooring

Having the right flooring for your workspace can make a huge difference and save you a lot of money and upheaval. Finding the right flooring for your workplace is easy with epoxy Flooring Company, Impact Floors, who can help you find and fit the right commercial floor for your space.

Your security

Workplace security often involves wiring, cameras and sensors which are best off installed earlier rather than later. While looking at the security of your premises also check your doors, windows and shutters and upgrade them as necessary.

Decorate with durable furnishings

Furnishings such as desks, sofas or shop floor checkouts get a high amount of use every day which can cause them to wear out quickly. To avoid regular replacements invest in quality, durable furnishings.

This will often mean spending a little more money on buying items that are made to last but it will make you a return in the long run.

In addition to the furnishings themselves, your treatment of them will pay a big part in determining their longevity so keep them well maintained and encourage your employees to look after them.

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