4 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas To Save You Money

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It’s no secret that marketing is paramount in the world of business.

With much competition out there, companies are always looking for new ways to make their mark and get noticed. If you’re a start-up or a small business, likely, you won’t have a huge marketing budget. The good news is that there are several ways that you can market yourself without overspending.

Host a class or event

Offering a free event or class at your premises can be a fantastic way to draw people in. Whether its clothes, food, or technology, consumers increasingly prefer online delivery options. To stay competitive as a brick and mortar company, giving something a little extra can make all the difference. Once you’ve got your audience at a free event, you have the opportunity to make sales, leads, or contacts.

Write it yourself

Many companies will outsource the blog content on their website, yet it’s a less expensive option to try writing it yourself. Utilize the talents of your in house team and brainstorm ideas based on their different expertise. There may be a few staff members who are happy to contribute to build a writing portfolio. The key is to conduct thorough research on the topic that you’re going to write about. It’s normal to redraft your efforts a few times before you’re happy. Once you’ve got the writing done, all you’ll need are some top SEO tactics from Digital Score SEO. Ensuring the best SEO for your website will allow you to gain plenty of traffic.

Social Media

Create business accounts on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook and start making the most of these useful marketing platforms. When it comes to social accounts; it’s all about delivering consistency. To build your following, you’ll want to post content daily and respond to customers in real-time as much as you can. There’s a lot that you can do on social media to promote yourself for free. If you want to kick things up a notch, try some social media advertising campaigns. The great thing about such campaigns is that it’s easy to target your audience by demographics such as interests, age, or location.


Webinars work as live online seminars. Once you’ve presented your seminar to your audience, they get the chance to ask you questions. Webinars are affordable marketing options that are also good for branding. If you’re a solely online business, it may be that your customers have never properly put names to faces. Often, consumers enjoy interaction with the brands that they purchase from. A webinar can help you to establish your image as trustworthy and credible. Talking about a vital topic that’s important to your industry can help you to present yourself as a thought leader. If you’re not sure about presenting live, why not try video marketing? It’s relatively inexpensive to DIY a product demonstration video, for instance.

Lastly, for your email marketing campaigns; take advantage of free software before you commit to paid options. When it comes to marketing, you don’t need a huge budget to drive success.

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