4 Things To Do When You’re Hosting A Trade Show

Trade Show

Trade shows are a great way to introduce your business to customers who are truly interested in your goods and services alongside similar companies – even competitors.

To make the most of a trade show, it is important that you schedule everything down to the last detail, and even if this is not your first trade show, when you’re hosting the event things can be very stressful. Before setting everything up to showcase your company, here are some things to consider.

Create custom, on brand marketing material

There are hundreds, even thousands of companies at trade shows seeking to do almost the same thing as you; draw people to their products and services. One of the caveats of a trade show is that the other stands are likely to be your competitors, so your marketing campaigns need to stand out from the crowd. You need to remember stuff like:

  • Place banners around your stand. Using custom banner printing will allow you to create banners in an eye-catching way that will showcase your brand.
  • Use television screens to display your goods and services in a presentation. Remember to display your logo for full impact on these pictures
  • Hand out leaflets from your stand with exciting news and deals to help draw more customers. Remember to bring an additional staff member or two to circulate leaflets at the trade show. An additional bonus will be to have a free piece of merchandise to give out to people, such as a lanyard.

Hire a speaker

A great way of generating buzz and increasing the amount of sign ups for your trade event is by hiring a speaker for some entertainment during the event. You could hire someone from your industry to come and speak about their success and downfalls, and even host a Q&A with them. Alternatively, you may consider hiring a comedian to add some laughs and joy to your event. If you get people laughing and enjoying themselves, they’ll automatically sign themselves up for the next event you host!

Arrange real time product demonstrations

Getting your goods on display at a trade show is all well and good, but are you using your time in front of a crowd? Take the time to spend the extra cash on taking your products that can be shown to visitors attending your stand in real time. Through showing others how well your product performs rather than just talking about it, you’re far more likely to get a sale. It might cost you more money to do this, but the return in revenue would be worth it.

Pack plenty of interesting merchandise

Finally, without merchandise, no trade show is complete, but instead of resorting to the same merchandise that every other stand is giving out, try thinking outside the box! What do people benefit from in your sector? You can choose to display tools with your brand logo on them, or to display protective clothing with your business logo. Choosing products customers are more likely to use will help ensure that once the trade show has finished, they remember you for a long time.

Your stand is bound to stand out at your next trade show with these tips, and your impressive goods and services!

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