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5 Household Changes That Can Slash The Cost Of Your Utility Bills

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If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s the fact none of us enjoy paying our bills, having half your pay check disappear almost instantly as all of your bills go out.

Although there are a number of ways to cut down on the expense of your bills, whether it be looking around to switch providers or straight up asking for a discount.

Today we’ll look at some everyday changes you can make around the house that can help you slash the cost of your bills.

Dimmer Switches Can Help You Cut Down On Electric Bills

This first item is a relatively simple one, a dimmer switch for your lighting can help you slash your electricity bills, rather than having your lights on full blast, you can modulate how bright they are and how much electricity they use. As the lights are using less power, you’ll notice a drop in the expense of your electricity bill, whilst still having your rooms appropriately lit.

Cut Water Costs By Swapping Baths For Showers

UK households use 349 litres of water every day on average and 15% of an average home’s heating bill comes from heating water for baths and showers. So washing doesn’t only use water, but it’ll also eat into your heating bills.

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Now this is where the switch makes sense, an average bath uses 80 litres of water, whereas an average 5 minute shower uses only 50 litres, so swapping a daily bath for a shower can cut your water usage by 10,950 litres a year which can shave quite a bit off your bills.

Thermal Insulating Blinds To Lower Heating Bills

Every year when Winter comes around, the heat outside drops and the heating bill gets bigger, but you can cut down on your heating bill with a good set of thermal insulating blinds. Thermal insulating blinds will stop heat from your home escaping through windows, which means that you’ll be able to set your heater on a lower temperature for less time to achieve the same level of warmness.

Turn Off Power Intensive Devices To Save Electricity

Around the house there are many devices that burn through energy even on standby mode. For example, a desktop computer left on standby or sleep mode could waste around £62 a year on your electricity bills.

TV and remote control

So properly turning off electric devices like computers, televisions and video game consoles can help trim your electricity bill.

Put The Washing Machine On A Lower Heat Setting

When you wash your clothes in a modern washing machine, around 90% of the energy used by the washing machine is used to heat your water, so a modest change in temperature from 40 to 30 degrees could cut down on your energy bills, most clothes can still be washed effectively on a lower temperature, so you won’t find a noticeable drop in your clothes cleanliness. Furthermore, you can save water by setting your washing machine to a shorter cycle.

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