5 Important Considerations For Buying An Office Space Post-COVID

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Thinking of adapting your office space to suit the new way of life COVID-19 has introduced? Here are some things to consider if you now have new priorities.

Now that we are expecting to see the behind of COVID-19, plans for the future of your business will need to come into effect. One of the biggest considerations you should be thinking about is what new priorities your business has. These priorities might then change how you make use of your office space. 

Whether you want to downsize, change up your interiors, or move somewhere else entirely, it’s up to you. A commercial conveyancing solicitor in Sheffield, Surrey, Scotland, or wherever your office is based, will certainly be able to help you to relocate, if that’s your plan. The question is, what will your company priorities be now that the entire working world has changed?

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the myriad of things you should consider when thinking about your office space post-COVID. Take a look at these ideas for inspiration….

1. Relocation

First and foremost, you might want to consider relocating your office space, especially if your workforce is hoping to work from home more regularly. You could relocate somewhere cheaper, somewhere smaller in the city, or maybe on the outskirts of the city, depending on your priorities.

Of course, the office has to be within reach of those who want to be coming into the office again. However, could you consider leasing a smaller, cheaper property to invest this money elsewhere into the business? Or perhaps you could get closer into the city for greater accessibility, but get something smaller?

Whatever you and your employees think is the best thing to do, you should consider it. Now’s certainly the time to make these smart business moves!

2. A Smaller Office

Another way remote working has changed the picture is that many businesses may offer working from home to their employees on a full or part-time basis. A recent survey actually found that 65 percent of respondents want to be full-time remote employees, and 31 percent want a hybrid remote work environment. Clearly, there’s a demand for remote working to stay.

This will mean that demands for larger office spaces will reduce. After all, there’s no need to spend all that money on wasted square footage if most workers won’t be in the office at any given time.

For your business, it’s time to make that all-important decision about whether keeping your large office space is necessary or not. Of course, you don’t want your company culture to be sacrificed due to the inability to have everyone in the office.

So, the best way to decide is to ask your employees what their preferences are for the future. You’ll only know how to plan forward if you ask the people who matter.

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3. More Spacious Working Areas

COVID-19 has affected our lives in many ways, and we have to wonder if it’ll ultimately change the way we lay out our office spaces. Will we stick to cramped desks with minimal walking space? Or, will it become a priority to provide spacious and airy working spaces for employees?

It all depends on how much space you have, what your plans are for business growth, and what you want your office space to feel like. You’ll also have to consider how safe your employees will be feeling once everyone has had the vaccination. Again, ask around to get a bigger of how people envisage working in the future, in terms of hygiene and space.

4. Hot-Desking

Hot-desking was becoming more common before the pandemic – the idea that your desk spaces aren’t set, and you simply grab the nearest seat you can. That said, the pandemic might take things one of two ways.

The first way could be that hot-desking isn’t a sensible idea, as it doesn’t enforce a sense of hygiene, as numerous people will share a spot during a given week. That said, it could go the other way in that people may choose to come into the office on select days of the week. In this case, hot-desking may become more appropriate.

It really is down to you to communicate with your workforce to get an idea of what they want for the future of their work.

5.Larger Communal Areas

One of the things we’ve all missed the most since lockdown is being able to enjoy the company of others. After the pandemic, perhaps the importance of company culture and togetherness will become a priority for your business.

If so, thinking about your communal areas, including kitchens and meeting rooms, should be something to consider. Of course, we all come to work to work, but what about lunch times and after work? If you want your workforce to enjoy spending time with one another, perhaps a larger space to convene would do the job?

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Ready to Think About the Future of Your Office Space?

As you can see, COVID-19 has altered the priorities of many company owners and employees. This means that the traditional office area might need some alterations to fit this new order of life.

The key thing is to ask your employees what they feel, and consider the company culture and the direction you want to take your business in. Once you’ve assessed these key pointers, you can make more concrete decisions

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