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5 Simple Money Saving Hacks for January

5 Simple Money Saving Hacks for January

January is a funny old month, isn’t it?

As we drag ourselves back to work after the holiday period and the cold weather starts to bite, the heating bills continue to rise and to top it all off the credit card and bank statements come rolling in, you become acutely aware of just how much you overspent by in the previous couple of months.

If the above scenario sounds familiar, then it’s likely that you are looking for a few ways to save money about now! With this in mind, here are five simple money saving hacks for you to try out this month.

Cutting back on Takeaways

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We all get a little lazy in December, don’t we? As we start to get into holiday mode we can easily fall into the habit of ordering in and eating out a lot more often than we should.

If you have fallen into this tempting trap, then perhaps you could make a pact with yourself to cook all your meals at home this January. Not only will you save money but you’ll likely have a healthier diet too!

Have an Alcohol-Free Month

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Another way to save money and get healthy at the same time could be to make January an alcohol-free month. It might not be easy to get out of those December habits of a cheeky afternoon beer or baileys, but your wallet and liver will thank you for it if you can kick the bottle to the curb for a whole month.

Watch Some Old Classics

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If you’re a bit of a movie buff then instead of going to the cinema and spending a fortune this month, why not relive some old classics or get stuck into a box set or two with Netflix movies and TV shows instead?

Just grab yourself a bottle of pop and a cheap bag of Popcorn, check out what’s on using a service like Flix List UK and enjoy a few relaxing evenings in front of the box this January.

Skip the Coffee Shop

5 Simple Money Saving Hacks for January - Take Away Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover and you often find yourself stopping off at the coffee shop and paying a small fortune for a takeaway cup, then try making January a coffee shop free month.

If you can save just £2 a day applying this tip then that could save you around £60 this month. That should help a little (or a lot) with last month’s overspend!

Take a Packed Lunch

5 Simple Money Saving Hacks for January - Lunch Box

You can also save a small fortune by packing your lunch for work each day rather than buying it from your chosen fast food joint or deli!

Yes, this does mean that you’ll have to be organised and have everything that you will need in the fridge, but by keeping the meals both cheap and healthy you’ll feel great about your bank balance and your health!

Small Savings Add Up!

While the above suggestions might only save a small amount of money each, if you can do them all then you should find that you save a good amount of money this month and let’s face it, in January many of us need every penny or pound we can place our hands on, don’t we?

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