A Very Public Guided Tour Of Your Headquarters

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There are millions of businesses out there, why should anyone care about yours?

Introductions are only made once, so when you’re trying to get yourself heard and noticed, planning your big hello, is crucial. The best way to introduce your business to the masses is with a guided tour of your office. Consumers want to know more about the brands they shop with. They no longer want a stiff brand image, that is lacklustre on emotion and expression.

For the most part, consumers don’t know how businesses function behind closed doors. Despite working for a business, they will not know what goes on in the Coca-Cola or Pepsi offices. Therefore, filming a tour of your office and posting it online could make you go viral.

Planning the route

You want to make the tour as authentic as possible. Therefore, you will need to plan your route and make sure you’re doing multiple things at once. Firstly, don’t include anything on the tour that you don’t want your rivals to know about. If you’re working on something top secret, there’s no need to add it to the route. However, filming the tour from a POV perspective will definitely be the best technique. So think of it this way, how would you give guests in real life a tour of your headquarters?

You would wait for them to walk through your front door and meet them at the front desk. You would then give a short guide of the ground floor, showing where people congregate to chat, perhaps get some fresh air, eat and drink, as well as relax. Then you should film the offices where the work gets done. Show each department individually and explain how their tasks intertwine.

Interviewing your staff

Don’t make employee interactions on the tour, so forced and fake. Although some employees will be shy of the camera, a few practice runs and predictable questions will make them feel at ease. As you go through the tour, have your selected employees explain a little bit about what it is they do. A brief conversation and a couple of questions and that should do it. Remember you’re going to be going through all the departments so asking multiple people questions instead of just a few will give viewers a broader view of your talent.

Something to remember me by

As the tour draws to a close, give the viewer/camera a few tokens of appreciation. A badge with your log and or slogan on it would be a simple yet nice touch. So use this kind of Blank Badge and kit, to make your own. Make a personalised coffee mug or flask to give them and or an item or customised clothing. Viewers watching your tour online will know what to expect if they were to be invited as loyal customers.

Filmed guided office tours are incredibly popular on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and LinkedIn. It gives customers and professionals a chance to see the inner workings of your business in the hopes to connect with you deeper.

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