All Businesses Will Need Employee Wellbeing Programmes In Future

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Write down the date of the day you read this because what you’re about to become aware of, is the future of business.

The issue of mental health in society has been brewing in the background for quite some time. Nowhere is it as important, than in the workplace itself. You’re in confined quarters, sharing space and time with people you don’t know personally, and you’re trying to have your voice heard.

For employers, it’s a very critical issue to their workforce because a workforce that is not happy, stressed, and overwhelmed with concerns in and out of work, will not perform to the highest standard possible. As they say, don’t fight hard, fight smart.

This is how you can tackle the issue of employee well being:

Conduct your own research

Before you spend time and funds into any sort of employee wellbeing programme you need to conduct the right kind of research. You should send your employees surveys via email. Ask questions about how they view their workplace, what could be improved, and if there are any social issues that make them feel uncomfortable. If you want honest answers, make the survey anonymous so employees won’t be afraid of repercussions for their answers.

Another great way for you to collect vital information is to hold open meetings. How incredibly brave would it be for an employer to say to the employees, ‘walk into this particular room and you can say anything you like without any pushback from the management’? You can also allow them to make online comments into an employee feedback tray to gain a little perspective.

A part of the culture

Support for mental health and employee wellbeing should become a normal part of your company culture. What if your employees could get the help they need whenever they needed it and it was a service they used through work? That’s exactly what this employee assistance programme is all about.

Your employees have access to their very own counsellor who will listen to their concerns, whether it’s about work or not. They get financial and legal tips for budgeting, investing, taxes, mortgages, and general financial concerns. They also get support for their personal relationships whether it’s with a lover, spouse, or family member.

Health and safety concerns such as stress, grief, and loss, addictions, and depressions are also covered. And of course, any work-related concerns such as workplace conflict, burnout, and career development are also looked at and resolved.

Consider an employee lounge

Employers only have a certain amount of physical space to work with, in their commercial premises. But, you should never underestimate the power of an employee lounge. It’s where they can go for a few minutes when they feel the tasks at hand are getting too overwhelming. They can be among plants, sit in a quiet area, sit back on a sofa and read a magazine or just sip their coffee, and be alone with their thoughts.

Business owners can jump ahead of the curve and start implementing an employee wellbeing programme that actually makes a difference. Focus on mental health and your employees will be in more stable conditions to work at their best.

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