Becoming A Middleman: Tips For Starting An Agency

Becoming A Middleman: Tips For Starting An Agency

Sometimes you don’t need expert skills and experience to make a killing in the business world.

Some of the best-paid professionals just know how to play the middleman role well. That’s something you should consider if you plan to launch a new operation this year.

It’s possible to start an agency and make your profit from the hard work of others. You just have to make the right connections and network with relevant business owners.

Today, we’re going to present you with some tips that should help you to make a start. Who knows? This time next year you might have done your first million from an industry in which you have no qualifications at all.

Make a huge list of all potential clients

The first thing you need to do involves performing a lot of research. For the purpose of this post, let’s presume you plan to provide specialists to those advertising teaching jobs.

So, you would need to find the contact details for every school in your target area. That shouldn’t take long because most of them will have websites these days.

Just visit the contact section and make a note of the name of the headteacher. You can then send an email or call on the telephone to take things further.

Most schools have to employ agency staff to cover periods of sickness or maternity. So, you should find the headteacher is willing to entertain you.

Set up meetings to discuss the service you can provide

Becoming A Middleman: Tips For Starting An Agency

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Secondly, you’ll have to create a document that highlights your services and the benefits of using them. You can use that as a template to ensure you leave no stone unturned when arranging meetings.

Explain your fees, and let them know all the ways in which their school would run smoother with your assistance. If they’re currently dealing with an alternative agency, you might have to beat them on price.

Remain as flexible as possible, but ensure you draw their attention towards the reliability of your service. You should also explain that you won’t tie them down to a contract, and they’re free to look elsewhere if they’re not happy.

Target university leavers

Becoming A Middleman: Tips For Starting An Agency

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You’re going to need lots of qualified people on your books to keep your clients satisfied. So, now is the time to promote your agency to individuals who’ve just left university.

They should have all the skills you require, and you won’t have to spend money on staff training. So, working for your brand will benefit them in many different ways.

Firstly, it will allow them to improve their CV in the hope of finding permanent roles in the future. Secondly, it will mean they can earn a reasonable living in the meantime.

The same basic rules should apply for people starting an agency in any marketplace. We just used education as an example because it’s easier to understand. At the end of the day, you’ll make a commission from payments made to the professional. You just need to become an excellent middleman.

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