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Funding is considered to be an essential part of non-profit organisations (NPOs). All the NGOs need fundraising throughout the years, lack of funding diverts a nonprofit’s focus from their mission to raising funds in order to survive challenging the daily operations of the organisation. Out of many ways to collect funds for your nonprofit, in this post, we’re going to cover some of the easiest and most effective ones.

Fundraising Events

One of the most common ways to collect funds is to arrange a fundraising event. Events such as bake sale, painting sale, and many others are known to raise enough funds for the NPO. But don’t forget to keep a considerable gap between the cost of the product and the revenue! You can do so by lowering the labor cost, and getting your own team ready to prepare. 

But keep your audience in mind, are they willing to pay the price you have set for the product. You can arrange auctions, online funding, and crowdfunding. Keeping these options aside, you can even fundraise on a special occasion such as an anniversary fundraiser or birthday fundraisers. With changes due to worldwide spread of Covid-19, fundraising events should adapt, a lot of events that were earlier taking place offline are now conducted via virtually fundraising events.

Grant Funding

Besides collecting donations from fundraising events, another option that comes handy while collecting grants for nonprofits known as grant funding. Grants can be given to your NPO by government or private companies. Grants are considered to be a time consuming process. However, finding the source of the grant becomes the second problem to deal with.

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The process of raising funds through grants can be time consuming, grants can take time to be approved and processed. It is important to take the whole process into account while applying for grants, write a strong grant proposal and research about the grant-giving company before applying.

Have an Ambassador

Celebrities and public figures are known to aid funding by being the ambassador to an NGO. The concept of brand ambassadors is now taking over the world with all the benefits it’s brought to the organisation. Celebrities are increasingly becoming aware and active participants in social causes. An effective way to raise awareness and donations by involving public figures is reaching out to those who have spoken publicly or are inclined to support the cause of your nonprofit, it is then more likely they will agree to promote your cause and help you raise funds.

Find A Good Sponsor

A good sponsor is equivalent to good funding! Collaborating with a profit-making business requires a two-way relationship and if both the organisations and the sponsor have a good relationship, it becomes a win-win situation. The corporation helps the non-profit by either having a long-lasting partnership or a one-time gift, but keep in mind that such types of relationships require you to play your role by recognising the corporations efforts and mentioning their names in your events.  Corporate sponsors can help you raise funds and deliver impact, they can also be a good source of volunteers or project-based fundraising activities.

Make Social Media Your Tools

As the world is progressing, social media can be used for various purposes, and one of them is to promote your vision, showcase your work, and get funds! It is proven that people are more likely to participate and engage in causes when they can see the end result.

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By showcasing your previous achievements and strengthening your vision, you can attract more people to receive funds from.

Look For Donors That Match Your Mission

Often finding people with the same mission as yours takes a good deal of work. You can recieve more funds with less promotion, less explanation, and less work than other options. 

Look for people who are actually willing to work for a particular cause or for that specific group of people you are working with. This brings more motivation and, most importantly, more financial help.

Run The Donation Drives

Donation drives can increase your funds dramatically. This can work by aiming for one per day or maybe covering as many as possible in a day. 

School and college donation drives can be an amazing option if you collect funds for other underprivileged students who cannot afford to study in high school. By targeting privileged people of the same cause you’re working on, you can collect considerable funds. There are various ways to effectively raise funds, gifts or collect items in a donation drive in a specific neighborhood or community. A donation drive often involves local businesses to participate and help raise funds from that community.

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is a method where businesses or for-profit organisations market their product by using a specific cause in their advertising. This is often done in parnertship with a nonprofit. Using this form of marketing, businesses seek to fulfil their corporate social responsibility. This may not instantly cause a drive in donations, but rather spread awareness and increase profits over time and enable their consumers donate by purchasing the product. 

These are some of the quickest and convenient ways to collect funds for your non-profit organization.

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