Finding The Perfect Work Team Building Exercises For Your Business

Finding The Perfect Work Team Building Exercises For Your Business - Assault Course

Summer is finally upon us. Longer days, shorter nights and warmer evenings mean that we can finally say “goodbye” to rising for work in the dark and then heading back home in the darkness, too.

In order to motivate your employees through the summer months, and in order to ensure that they’re not distracted by the thoughts of summer BBQs and beer gardens, then you need to start thinking of innovative team building activities.

Although beer gardens in themselves are an enticing prospect, many of your employees will likely drive to work, so instead you have to think of innovative alternatives. Here are just three.

Charity Walk

If your members of staff are quite sporty then you’re best off getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather, and there’s no better way to do so than with a charity walk.

Macmillan have a list of walks you can do to help them raise money, and it means you’ll be doing both something rewarding and fun.

Do remember though, if you’re going walking, you’ll need the correct attire. Online retailers like E-Outdoor can help you find everything that you need.


Finding The Perfect Work Team Building Exercises For Your Business - Go-Karting

If you’d rather stay indoors but still want to do something sport orientated, then go-karting is a great option… especially if you’re an adrenaline junkie.

Just make sure you emphasise the idea of healthy competition. The last thing that you need is employees jolting each other until they’re upside down.

If that sounds like it might be more like their thing, then opt for dodgems and the fair instead.

Survival Courses

Finding The Perfect Work Team Building Exercises For Your Business - Survival Course

Finally, if you really want your team to work closely together, then survival courses are by far and away the best option.

This is because it completely pulls your employees away from their comfort zones, with team building activities ensuring that they rely on each other for help and get to know other people they may not necessarily talk to.

Just a word of caution though, it does get wet and mucky, so make sure your team are comfortable with that, or it could all end in tears.

So, there you have it, three perfect team building activities for the summer that will help keep your staff motivated. Of course, this list is by no means extensive, but it gives you a great idea about some of the things you could do with your employees.

Why not run an office survey via a Doodle Poll to find out their preferred option? That way, you know you’re going with the majority.

Have fun!

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