Spend Less Time Doing Boring Business Admin

Spend Less Time Doing Boring Business Admin

Are you spending most of your working days completing dull admin tasks?

Many business owners can feel chained to a desk when it comes to filling out legal paperwork, keeping accountancy records, managing employees and handling payments. Even tasks like responding to emails and answering the phone can take up a large chunk of time.

This leaves less time to focus on the core tasks of your business or indeed generating new customers. Here are just a few ways that you can cut down the time spent on admin whilst still getting it all completed each week.

Outsource your admin

Almost every admin task can be outsourced to someone. The most popular task is accountancy, but you can also outsource supply chain management and elements of HR such as rota building and recording employee holiday.

There are even companies out there that can answer company phonecalls for you, relaying only the most important information to you. Some people may even hire a virtual secretary to handle all of these tasks.

Of course, outsourcing all these responsibilities will cost you a lot of money. However, by freeing up more time, you may be able to focus on generating more business and making more of an income to cover these expenses.

Make sure to read reviews of companies before working with them to get a good idea of their reputation – you want to outsource these responsibilities to a company you can trust.

Automate tasks with software

Another option could be to download software to help make tasks more efficient. There are programmes out there that can speed up pretty much any admin task.

If you want to manage your employees’ progress more clearly or want to know how to integrate your satellite billing, you’re certain to find software for the job by researching online.

Many software companies can provide product demos allowing you to learn more about the software from a spokesperson at the company.

Others may offer free trials, allowing you to test out the software before buying it. This can prevent you wasting money on software you don’t want, allowing you to shop around for a programme that’s right for your needs.

Improve your productivity by taking a course

You may be able to speed up your productivity in certain admin tasks by taking an admin course. There are lots of short courses and day workshops out there that can help you identify organisational methods and shortcuts to save you time.

There may even be ways of restructuring your entire company to make it easier to manage that you hadn’t considered. On top of taking courses, you can get solo advice from advisors.

Many company owners use financial advisors, legal advisors and HR advisors to help them to find the most efficient way of doing things. Such advisors may charge on an hourly basis – make sure to research into their credentials so that you know you’re hiring a professional.

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