Central Perks – Cash In On The London Commute

Central Perks - Cash In On The London Commute

As the UK’s capital, London has always been a desirable place to live and work.

It’s no surprise when you consider that vast swathes of our country’s business bases are located here. There are better prospects in London than anywhere else in the country.

But, there is a less pleasant fact to note if you’re considering a move here. On average, Londoners commute up to 107 hours per year of their working lives.

When you think that the east of England came second at 71 hours, that’s a lot of travel time. It should come as no surprise, then, that many companies are trying to make ripples in our new ‘commuter culture’.

Kindles allow commuters to carry reading material without weighing themselves down. IPads allow the capabilities of a laptop in a commute-friendly package.

And, many food and drink businesses are also making the most of opportunities here. After all, most commuters don’t have time for breakfast at home. As such, they often start their day with a cafe coffee and a quick breakfast from the same place.

Hence why it might be worth focusing here if you want to make real money with a new cafe. Commuters are often willing to spend money in exchange for convenience. And, you can further enhance this earning opportunity by considering the following.

A range which suits

The average commuter won’t have time to wait for toasted paninis and cappuccinos. Instead, provide fast options which suit your customer’s needs.

When it comes to drinks, most people will want a quick energy fix. As such, it would pay to look at professional espresso machines for bars and cafes to meet that need.

As for food, you want healthy but portable options. Consider including things like smoothie bowls on your menus. You could also benefit from offering fresh fruit salads and pre-packaged breakfast pastries.

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The right spot

To see any real return here, you also need to find the right spot to catch commuters. A unit within a train station would be ideal, though rent is often high.

Alternatively, you could scout for units outside the station, or even consider a pop-up cafe. If you do this, though, it’s worth sticking to the same spot to build up regular customers.

Loyalty schemes

Speaking of regular customers, you’ll also want to set up a loyalty scheme. The benefit with commuters is that they walk the same route twice each day.

As such, building loyalty could see you making major money from even small numbers of customers. Sadly, the majority of train stations host a variety of food and drink vendors.

In fact, there are thirteen cafes in and around King’s Cross alone. But, a decent loyalty scheme ensures people still come to you time and again.

Something as simple as a stamp card could work here. Giving customers free coffee when their card is full will work wonders on keeping them coming to you. And, that could be the way to ensure your profits soon soar.

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