Creating A Business That Runs Without You- Is It Feasible?

Creating A Business That Runs Without You- Is It Feasible?

For most entrepreneurs, a business that ‘runs itself’ is the end goal.

Of course, getting established is always going to be hard work- long hours, burning the midnight oil on many occasions and prioritising your business over other things is to be expected.

However in time, you want a venture that you can take a step back from, that you can oversee from the top but without having to do much work yourself.

This frees up your time to live an easier and more relaxed lifestyle, or time to put your efforts elsewhere. A business that runs itself allows you to reap the reward of all of the profits you make, but with little stress or hassle to you. Here’s how you can do it.

Hire an Incredible Workforce

One way you can create a business that runs without you is by hiring the right people. They will run things and have the company moving forward and turning profit without too much input from you.

You need to hire people that are experienced, self motivated and passionate, they need to care about the success of the business as much as you.

Providing a good rate of pay and employee benefits (such as health, life, disability and retirement packages) will ensure you’re attracting the best candidates.

When all of your staff are doing their work well, you can oversee things from the top and not have to be lumbered with lots to do.

Use The Right Software

The right workers are the first step, the next is providing them with good software. This will allow them to do their job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Business software can make light work of tedious tasks meaning you need to hire less staff members which will save you money. You also know that the work being done is being completed as quickly and accurately as possible.

The combination of a good workforce and the best business software means great productivity.


As well as excellent employees running certain areas of your business, for other areas it can be best to outsource. If for example the workload in particular elements of your business fluctuates, it doesn’t make sense to hire a permanent staff member.

You can outsource to a company to work for you permanently or just hire them as and when you need them. Whether it’s automation in Excel, blogger outreach in marketing or accounting for your tax return, when you outsource you know that everything is done to the best standard.

It can take time, years in many cases for your business to reach this stage. Until then, there will be a lot of hard work and commitment needed by you.

However in time, you can look forward to owning a business that turns you a profit but without you needing to work your hands to the bone every day to achieve it.

How close are you to automating your business, and getting it to run without you?

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