Essential Accessories For A CEO’s Office

Essential Accessories For A CEO’s Office

If you’ve recently become a CEO, the chances are that you’ll be thinking about how to make a new office space your own.

You’ll need it to be well organised for your way of working, you’ll need it to make a good impression on staff and visitors, and you’ll need it to be a place where you feel comfortable even when you have to work very long hours.

A well-designed office isn’t just a luxury, it’s also your first step in signalling how you intend to do business and in making your mark on the company. What do you need to consider in order to get it right?

The ergonomic office

The first thing you need to think about in your office is your desk. Many CEOs prefer the classic look with a nice piece of oak or mahogany, and these days that doesn’t mean having to compromise on modern utility.

Whilst it may be difficult to set up your computer and associated gadgets on an antique desk without cables trailing everywhere, you can now buy beautiful hand-carved desks that also contain the convenient nooks and crannies you’d expect in a modern fibreglass one. You can also get handsome leather executive chairs just as supportive and easily adjustable as plastic ones.

A touch of character

When it comes to decorating your office, don’t be afraid of strong colours – they’re a great way to make a statement about your personality, and they show straight away that you’re not afraid to be bold.

Framed paintings are similarly effective, but think carefully about the impression different images will give – don’t risk offending visitors, but don’t choose something that looks too generic either.

Consider placing some of your favourite books on the shelves alongside work-related volumes, or keeping some plants in order to give the office a fresh feeling.

Sending the right message

Your office should be a place where guests feel at ease, the perfect place to discuss business. If you have space, try to fit in a couple of easy chairs or a couch (which can double up as somewhere to nap when you work late).

Invest in some attractive champagne flutes for those occasions when you want to drink to a business partner’s health or celebrate a successful deal.

Make sure there’s a space where you can talk to people eye to eye without the desk forming a barrier. Something as simple as a box of good-quality biscuits can really help to break the ice – ideal when you need an employee to relax and be honest with you.

Far from making you look too casual, a stylish, relaxing office shows that you have the confidence to do things your own way. Your furniture and accessories can send the message that you appreciate quality, whilst those little personal touches reassure people that you’re a human being.

Most importantly, a well-designed office will set you at ease, making it easier for you to produce the high-quality work your company deserves.

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