Facilitating Success: Essential Amenities Every Startup Needs

Facilitating Success: Essential Amenities Every Startup Needs

When you start a business, you don’t think about the little things that make a difference.

Instead, you focus on the big things like the firm’s finances or how much tax the company is going to have to pay. Then, the small things come back to bite you on the backside, but it is too late to react.

As the owner and boss, it is your prerogative to ensure the business has everything it needs to succeed. That means you have to ensure it has the following before the doors open.

Here are the amenities that your startup can’t do without in the business industry.

Disabled Access

Customers come in all shapes and sizes, as do employees, and it’s your duty to accommodate them as much as possible. Of course, it’s important to make every person’s life easier for business reasons.

But, in this case, it is also the law. Disabled access, from ramps to toilets, is necessary even for people without a conspicuous ailment.

It’s for that reason it is best to incorporate the facilities into the business before your customers and workers walk through the door. Otherwise, they may be a lot of angry people looking to the courts for retribution.

Fire Sprinklers

Facilitating Success: Essential Amenities Every Startup Needs -Fire Sprinklers

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Sadly, sprinklers are more topical than ever after the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Simply put, they are an effective and efficient method of stopping a fire from spreading.

To not install a system isn’t only irresponsible but potentially fatal. And, it doesn’t stop with sprinklers. An office also needs extinguishers and fire exits in case the worse happens.

Yes, they are expensive and take up space, yet that is nothing when you factor in the potential damage. Again, most of the elements are a legal requirement, so to omit them would be to break the law.

Office Coffee Machine

A vending machine isn’t a legal requirement. Still, it doesn’t mean that you don’t see Honest Coffees Bean-to-Cup machines in every office from here to New York.

A coffee machine is a staple of any office for one simple reason: caffeine addiction. The world consumes a ridiculous amount of caffeine, and coffee is the drink at the top if the list.

Without one, it is much harder to keep the office motivated and engaged because they rely on it so heavily. Plus, it is a basic addition that makes everyone so much happier. In this regard, it is almost as imperative as any other amenity.


Facilitating Success: Essential Amenities Every Startup Needs

Is there anything worse than a business without adequate parking? Not only do you have to find the place, but you also need to find a place to park.

It infuriates customers no end, and it is enough for them to fall out with a company in the blink of an eye. Regarding employees, the best ones won’t turn up without any assurances. Let’s face it – no one wants to park and catch the train to work.

What they want is to turn up at the gates and park their care for free because it makes life simpler.

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