Have Everything You Need For Starting Uni

University graduation

If you are off to university in the coming months then you may be in the process of making a long list with everything you think you need.

Of course, there might be things on the list that you take but will never use. This is not only a waste of space in your luggage but will also take up much-needed space in your apartment or room. There are checklists available online that you can go through. Let’s take a look at some things that you may want to take with you to make life easier.    

Kit Out Your Apartment

Wherever you are moving into you will want to take your own items to make it feel more like home. You will need bedding, a pillow, and a duvet for your bedroom as well as a lamp for your side table. Having lower light is much better in the evenings rather than the glaring big light overhead. If you have a joint kitchen or a kitchen of your own you will want to use your own pans and crockery. You will have to bring cutlery and your own plates and bowls. Make sure that if you share a house that any food items kept in the fridge are labelled if you don’t fancy coming back to no food.

To make your room feel homely you might want to kit it out with posters or wall art. You could even add some shelves to give you additional places to store things. If you are bringing DVDs then shelves are a great place for these and it keeps them out of the way and tidy.


When you are attending university you will need various supplies and stationery for your courses. This could include pens and pencils as well as folders and plastic wallets. Make sure you have everything you need before you start, that way you aren’t scrambling around for stuff when you are in a lecture. There are usually good deals on stationery and you can get student discounts as well. It is best to go with more stuff than you need, that way if you lose items throughout the year you won’t run out. 

Your university may even give you a list of everything you need to bring stationery wise and any course books you will need. These can be quite expensive so it might be worth looking into taking them out of the library before you commit to buying. Your university will have a library or the city you are studying in may also have a library to borrow books from. You can also buy books on the internet second-hand. This is a much cheaper way of buying books when you don’t have many funds available. 

Tech Items

Going to uni is a big important part of your life. You want to make sure you have the best tech equipment to get you through your course. If you don’t already have a tablet or laptop then it will be a good idea to purchase one. These can be expensive and if you are struggling to buy one new then there is always the option of a used one. You can get these in shops or online, make sure that if you buy a new one you reset it to factory settings. You might want to get a MacBook, these are great laptops for university work, they are quick and efficient. If the mac you have already has apps installed then you are going to want to get rid of these. If you are wondering how to uninstall apps on mac then look no further, this guide will tell you everything you need to know. 

Another great tech idea is noise-cancelling headphones. These will be great for wearing while you are in your room doing coursework, trying to avoid the noises coming from your housemates or outside. 

Key Documents

Finally, you may not realise but there are lots of documents that you will need to take with you when you go to university. These are quite often forgotten and then there is a mad call to parents/guardians to send them over. To avoid this, take a look at what you need to remember. You must remember your passport or driver’s licence, this will not only prove your identity when arriving at uni but it will also be handy when you go out. You will need to prove your age if you go out drinking with friends so a passport or driver’s licence is a must. 

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