The Growing Popularity Of E-learning

The Growing Popularity Of E-learning

Have you ever participated in an online webinar, or signed up for a free e-learning trial?

If you’ve seen notifications for digital learning products, you may have been tempted to see what the fuss is all about. Statistics suggest that 80% of the time we spend on digital devices is spent searching for and gathering information. If you’re on the hunt for courses, guides, or toolkits, you’re certainly not alone.

As the helpful infographic below shows, more and more people are getting involved in e-learning, and digital products are becoming increasingly desirable. As a marketer or a creator of informative, educational content, the rise in popularity of online learning offers an opportunity to generate more money and reach out to wider audiences, but how do you go about doing this successfully?

This infographic focuses on the role of push notifications. Notifications can inform interested parties about special offers, new content and products that are related to individual items that have already sparked an interest. With the average person spending 5.9 hours on a digital device every day, and the majority focused on sourcing information, there’s a captive market. Notifications are used to encourage web users to access webinars, guides and toolkits, and free trials, with toolkits, webinars and ebooks proving the most attractive and sought-after products.

E-learning offers flexibility and the chance to tailor the learning experience. According to this graphic, almost a third of users crave a personalised experience, and marketers can respond to this need by means of carefully-selected notifications.

If you’re interested in learning online, look out for reputable digital products and consider taking advantage of free trials and promos to get started.

Infographic Created By The Power of eLearning Industry’s Browser Notifications Infographic 2019 Edition

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