Health Threats That Cripple Big Businesses

Health Threats That Cripple Big Businesses

Large organisations are a modern marvel, providing the backbone of productivity that the economy needs.

They churn out enormous quantities of goods and services from which everybody else benefits, increasing the standard of living for all.

But there’s a slight snag: big business can cause health problems, especially for its workers. We’re not talking about the odd cold from brushing shoulders with people in the office during the holiday season – these health issues are more serious than that, and they can undermine the whole endeavour.

The Risks Of Long Haul Travel

You might think that needing to travel by air is the hallmark of a successful career. But air travel comes with all sorts of health costs.

Perhaps the most important is the increased risk of stroke and heart attack while on board. The combination of sitting still as well as the lower cabin pressure combine to create problems for people predisposed to heart disease.

Then there’s the fact that you’re higher up in the atmosphere and at the mercy of incoming particles from the sun and the rest of the universe which damage DNA and accelerate the ageing process.

More than 70 per cent of people report having problems with their health after a flight. Experts estimate that it takes a day to recover from jet lag for every time zone crossed. So for a London to New York business trip, it’s seven time zones and seven days to recover.

Airborne Bacteria In The HVAC

No modern office is complete without an air conditioning system. But air conditioning systems can present a threat on a massive scale.

Some bugs, including legionnaires (which is related to pneumonia), can live in the small water droplets that get expelled by air conditioning units and spread to infect workers throughout an office.

Such is the risk of legionnaires that many businesses put in place special protocols to ensure that their people aren’t at risk.

Use information online to discover the importance of legionella risk assessments, what they must include and download your free risk assessment tool.

A legionnaires outbreak can cripple a business. Not only does it threaten the lives of workers and destroy productivity, but it also creates bad press which can endanger the image of the company.

Legionnaires is not worth the risk, so make sure that your organisation is protected.

Back Disorders

The average person spends upwards of fifteen hours per day sitting down. It might sound relaxing, but it turns out that our bodies just aren’t designed for long periods of inactivity. We need regular movement to function properly.

The problem is that most workplaces require people to sit in chairs all day to do their work, and it’s leading to an epidemic of back issues.

Proactive companies know this, which is why we see so much innovation in modern offices. Google, for instance, has introduced things which look a bit like play areas for children so that its people can get regular movement. Other companies are experimenting with ergonomic seating and walking meetings.

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