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Hidden Costs Of Owning Pets And How to Reduce Them

Hidden Costs of Owning Pets and How to Reduce Them

During your lifetime, money gets spent on various things, whether that is housing, vehicles, your child’s education or just day-to-day living.

These expenses are of course expected, yet there are other major factors in our lives that can lead to a surprisingly large expenditure that people tend to overlook.

Pet ownership falls high on the list of unexpected costs which can rack up a sizeable bill. According to research provided by Voucherbox, having a dog can cost you over £15,000 in total.

Some animals, like turtles, are surprisingly even higher. The total price tag can be £26,000. Considering turtles spend the majority of their time fast asleep, is spending that much money really worth it?

Of course it is, as you care about that animal. Our point is that these costs add up and it’s good to be aware of what you’re getting (or you’ve already gotten) yourself into.

The costs are probably more understandable when you have a dog or cat. You can interact with these animals and form some sort of bond.

Still, when the overall amount could be equivalent to someone’s annual salary, it is important to consider what payments are essential and if there is a way to reduce the pet fees.


Hidden Costs of Owning Pets and How to Reduce Them

Insurance, no matter what kind, is definitely a financial consideration that must be made. There are several reasons why you would or would not want to insure your pet.

Some people choose to self-insure, but unless you have a good amount of money to put towards your pet, then there is no guarantee that the money you are saving will be enough to support any possible problems your pet may have.

Therefore it is probably best to get insurance, just in case a future issue arises from either an accident or illness which would otherwise mean paying a huge vet bill on the spot.

Go Unbranded

Another way to cut down on the cost of pets is to choose unbranded products for your dog, cat or whatever pet you may have. Stay clear of pet shops in particular.

It can be quite tempting to buy everything from there as it is all in one place, so that is why the prices are higher. You can save big time if you buy things like supermarket-own food.

Of course, you’d want to look at which of these unbranded products are better for your pet’s health and needs, but just because it’s not a heavily advertised brand doesn’t mean it’s necessarily inferior in quality.

Get Creative

Hidden Costs of Owning Pets and How to Reduce Them

You can go even further than supermarket-own products. Make your own! Try your hand at some arts and crafts to make your pet the perfect bed.

Not only does it save money, but it is also a great way of using unwanted furniture, clothes or sheets. Alternatively, find your inner chef and whip up some delicious treats for your dog. Doing this is cheaper and you know that your pet is getting good quality ingredients.


You may think having a dog is easy, but when it gets to the holidays, you have an issue. Do you take your pet with you, or do you put them in a kennel?

Kennels, along with catteries and other animal care, are expensive. If you ever want to go abroad on a plane, then you have no choice but to use either kennel services or perhaps a really nice friend or relative.

However, if your dog is truly man’s best friend, then looking at holiday options such as self-catering places that accept pets or camping is perhaps a better idea.

These pieces of advice should really get you thinking about how much money you spend as a pet owner. Whatever your pet, there will always be a cost factor, so it is important to keep track of your budget so you do not end up paying tens of thousands of pounds on your furry friend.

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