How To Create A Perfect First Impression For New Employees

How To Create A Perfect First Impression For New Employees

No matter what the nature of your business is, there comes a point in time when you’re going to need new staff.

This could be because some of your long-time staff has moved on, you’re expanding and opening new offices or as a result of restructuring your business.

There are many ways how you can prepare for new employees, create the perfect first impression and ensure they excel on their first day.

Some of them may include preparing their workspace, decorating their workspace, or having a formal welcome lunch. Furthermore, ordering corporate workwear by 4imprint can help to create a strong first impression as well.

What else can you do, however, to ensure your new staff feel welcome and have the information they need to start off on the right foot?

Create an Information Checklist

On the first day of work, so many things can go wrong for a new employee. The infographic below by 4imprint shows that some of the worst first impressions made by workers were arriving at the wrong work address, getting there late due to traffic, getting names wrong, and saying stupid things as a result of bad nerves.

For this reason, creating an information list that could help prevent these things from happening may be helpful for your new employee. You could include things such as the office address alongside directions and most advisable routes seeing as 58% of people feel arriving early does wonders on creating a good first impression.

Additionally, include a few names of people they can report to upon arrival, as well as information regarding where they will be situated throughout the day. Doing this should help them feel more prepared which was said to be a reason why people feel they excel.

Order New Uniforms

Uniforms can play a significant role in how a new employee feels on their first day, so ensuring you have theirs ready is key. It was discovered that 82% of people felt they would make a good impression if they got their clothing spot on while 7 in 10 employees wish they had a uniform for work as a means of making a good first impression.

These statistics show that uniforms may be just as important to employees as it is to your brand. If you don’t already have enough in stock, consider ordering a new batch in preparation of their first day.

You could also give them recommendations regarding the most comfortable shoes to wear as wearing shoes that ended up being painful at the end of the day was amongst the list of workers’ worst first day impressions.

Have a System in Place for Newcomers

It may be a good idea to have a system in place for new employees so that the office isn’t in a frenzy when they come. This could mean ensuring certain protocol is followed such as welcoming them first thing in the morning, giving them a tour of the office, introducing them to other staff and explaining their duties in detail.

Seeing as having to have simple things explained numerous times was also amongst worst first impressions, ensuring they thoroughly understand their tasks should be included in your rundown for the day. The idea should be to make them feel as welcome and comfortable as possible so that they start off on the right foot.

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