How To Entertain Your Team Without Breaking The Bank

How To Entertain Your Team Without Breaking The Bank

If you want to retain your very best employees, you know that every so often you have to do a little entertaining.

Team building events and corporate hospitality form a big part of a company’s culture. Do it well and regularly reward your team for their hard work, and it will pay itself off through the work they put back into the company. Execute it badly, though, and you may find that employees aren’t as motivated or that they leave the firm altogether.

Corporate culture is a big thing nowadays and employees are aware that it is important for companies to impress and appreciate them just as much as it is important for them to put hard work in. When you are on a budget, though, arranging activities and corporate hospitality events can be difficult. However, they don’t need to break the bank. Here are a few ways you can entertain your team without spending a fortune.

Understand What Is Important to Your Team

How To Entertain Your Team Without Breaking The Bank

If you don’t already know exactly what it is that motivates your best talent in your team, then it’s fine to find out! By helping increase this motivation, you can make a significant difference in not only their own performance but the overall teamwork dynamic.

When you are aware of what your team members value and make it clear to them that you do, you can create a sense of appreciation and belonging, and this is reciprocated through continuous hard work and dedication.

When you are rewarding your team, it is all about the meaning behind it; if you can demonstrate you are rewarding them for their hard work by doing something that motivates them, that’s good. If it looks like you are just throwing random and thoughtless rewards at them, though, this can have the opposite impact.

Throw Some Sort of Event or Activity

If you want to go all out but still want to save money, it is entirely possible to do this. There are plenty of corporate hospitality event ideas out there that you can draw inspiration from.

Corporate hospitality and team building events help your team get to know each other outside of the corporate and office setting. Going for a meal out, drinks on a Friday, paintballing, on an activity or adventure day, or taking a trip to a new city for an afternoon out of work are all relatively cheap and simple ideas.

The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Reward: An Afternoon Off

How To Entertain Your Team Without Breaking The Bank

Do you know what employees appreciate more than anything? Especially those who spend a lot of time in work doing a great job? Time off!

Although your company may already offer generous holiday entitlement, giving your team an afternoon off here and there when they have been working hard and are ahead of their targets is a fantastic way to show that you truly appreciate and trust them. Being able to knock off work when the clock strikes 12, especially during the summer when the weather’s good, is the ultimate way to motivate your team. This will encourage them to keep working hard and reaching their targets, particularly when they learn that you are open to giving them the afternoon off every so often.

Keeping your team motivated isn’t too difficult and you don’t need to go spending a whole load of money to make it happen. There are budget-friendly options for team building activities and corporate hospitality events, or you can just give people time off. If you know what motivates your team, you know how to reward them.

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