How To Find Success At A Marketing Event

How To Find Success At A Marketing Event - Image Source - Flikcr - By Phil Sexton

The online world has changed the face of marketing in so many ways.

Social media is an effective tool that allows you to reach a large number of potential customers with a relatively small investment. Any small business should be making good use of online marketing but it’s important that you don’t put all of your resources into it.

Traditional marketing techniques are still very effective and a good marketing campaign needs to make use of all of the available platforms so you can maximise your reach as much as possible.

While a lot of customers respond well to social media marketing, there are still a lot of people that prefer a more personal face to face interaction with a company.

One of the best ways to provide that is through marketing events. It gives you the chance to get some face time with your customers and give people hands on demonstrations of your products.

However, there is a lot of competition at marketing events and if you’re going to see good returns on your investment, you need to make sure that you capture people’s attention. These are the most important factors to consider when you’re attending a marketing event.

Book Your Stand Early

Your positioning at the event is very important. You need to consider the flow of traffic around the space and where people are most likely to stop.

People often think that the best spot is right next to the door because everybody passes you as they enter, but that’s not correct. People like to do a circuit and see what is on offer before they stop at any stalls so if you’re right at the entrance, they’ll pass by and they might not come back.

The best position is usually at the end of an aisle at around the halfway point. These spots are very competitive so it’s important that you book your stand early before they’re all taken.

An Eye Catching Stand

When people are walking around, they will be drawn to the stands that are the most eye catching. They’re not going to stop at a stand that just has some bland posters and a table.

You need a professional stand with lots of exciting, colourful displays. Go to an experienced company like Open Exhibitions and get a stand designed and made by professionals. You’ll capture the attention of far more potential customers this way.

Invite The Right People

Getting a lot of potential customers to attend the event is obviously important, but it’s not all about numbers. If you just blanket invite anybody and everybody, you’ll get a lot of people to visit your stall but they won’t necessarily be the right people.

Consider your target demographic and use email marketing to invite them to the event. If you target the right people that are likely to have an interest in your products, you’ll see a lot more valuable returns from your initial investment in the marketing event.

Turning up and setting up a stand isn’t enough. You need to invest a bit of money in your stand, find the right position and invite the right potential customers if you’re going to succeed.

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