How To Suss Out Leaders Among Your Workforce

How To Suss Out Leaders Among Your Workforce

Ask any CEO about how important it is to have leaders that come from the workforce. They will tell you that most of the time leaders that have gone through the company and rose up through the ranks are the most loyal kind of future leaders.

They have a connection with how things are done your way and how your business functions. It’s one thing to hire a manager or a director of a department. It’s another to have someone that started off at the bottom and because of their continued hard work and skill, have become knowledgeable and savvy about how business is done at a top level.

You’d much rather have someone that gets your business, understands what the culture and aims of your business are than someone who is just doing a job for a paycheck.

So how can you as the owner of a business suss out who could potentially be a great leader for you among your current workforce?

Engage in discussion

It’s a little bit awkward when the boss tries to engage with employees in a way that looks like they are trying to fit in. You may want them to forget about rank at that moment and just talk freely, but ask yourself, would you let your guard down and speak frankly in front of your boss in your previous jobs?

Chances are that you wouldn’t relax and speak freely even if your boss seemed okay with it, so start to consider other options. Pick up on employees casually talking within the office, particularly on conversations regarding your industry, the business and general chit-chat about current trends.

When workers talk and show their way of thinking and opinions, just listen and observe. Those that have strong abilities in the areas you are particularly looking for will eventually shine through the other employees and from there you can begin making a shortlist in your mind of who could be a leader with the company with the right support.

Give them a challenge

From businesses like bars to corporations, giving your employees challenges to do that don’t involve the normal everyday work tasks is something you should seriously consider.

Take your workforce on a scavenger hunt like Cluego where they will be split into teams and pitted against each other. Racing against the clock, they have to see the most sights, collect certain things using their smartphones such as taking photos, be at certain locations at specific times and work as a team to do the most in the least amount of time.

Here you will find out who is really a team player and who is selfish. In the task you’ll see some people who think they are leaders to be anything but, and others that don’t put themselves forward might save the day.

A humble employee that does their normal 9 to 5 hours could turn out to be one of your best right-hand men/women in the future. Sussing out who that could be is the challenge you should be actively engaging in.

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