How To Turn Around A Failing Pub Business

How To Turn Around A Failing Pub Business

The pub industry has struggled a lot in recent years. Rising prices and squeezed household budgets have not made it easy for those looking to get into this industry.

However, some entrepreneurs have successfully transformed the fortunes of failing pubs to turn them into profitable businesses.

Essentially, it is all about creating a good atmosphere that keeps people coming back time after time. Here are a few pieces of advice if you are thinking of getting involved in this area yourself.

Sell Quality Food and Drink

In days gone by, pubs were places to drink and nothing more. Nowadays, a lot of the profits are made on the food, so you should make sure to focus on offering a quality menu.

Decide on a theme; whether this will be pub classics, Indian food etc. Accompany this with a good drink selection. The real ale revolution of the past few years is something that has really taken off, so it is worth serving a wide selection of good beers as a starting point.

Change the Decor

People tend to like pubs which have a cosy and social feel, so try to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to a wide variety of customers.

Real fireplaces, armchairs and sturdy tables are all features which are appreciated. Also, changing the decor gives you a good selling point when it comes to relaunching the pub to the general public.

Throw Events

Another reason why people come into pubs is that they like to be entertained, so try to provide a wide variety of options. Perhaps you will host a pub quiz on one evening, and live music on another.

Sporting events also tend to be popular, and if you have multiple rooms, you can show it in a separate room so that those who want to can enjoy it without disturbing other customers.

Hire Your Staff Carefully

The staff members you hire have a big impact on the overall appeal of your pub. One bad interaction can cause people to want to go elsewhere.

As well as bar staff, don’t forget that you may need a security company as well, plus management is especially important as they will set the tone for the rest of the staff members that you hire.

Ideally, you want people who are confident and friendly with the desire to continue improving things and offering the best experience possible.

Market Your Pub

Marketing your pub properly makes such an impact on how successful it will be. Social media plays such as big role in this these days that you need to make sure that you have your own dedicated accounts, and keep them updated on a regular basis.

Ultimately, word of mouth still plays a significant part in promoting a pub, so once you start serving some happy customers, you will hopefully start to get the ball rolling.

So, if you are looking to turn around a failing pub yourself, these are just a few of the ways that you can start turning it into a success story.

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