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How To Upgrade Without Paying More

How To Upgrade Without Paying More

When it comes to doing more with your money, you can’t beat an upgrade.

Anyone that has ever had contract terms on a service provision knows these can be offered at the end. It’s a way to keep you loyal to the company you’ve spent the last year or two with.

Of course, it is in the best interests of the business to do nothing. They might not remind you that the contract terms have expired.

Instead of repaying your loyalty, they might even put the price up! So what type of services should you be looking out for a better deal?


Your internet service is one of the most important service provisions you have at home. Did you know that some companies cap the speed of your connection?

Check to see the speed you are getting with an online checking tool. Then check websites like BroadbandDeals to see what you could be getting and how much other service providers might charge you for it.

Chances are you can get more for your money, or even pay less if you sign up with someone else.


How To Upgrade Without Paying More

Nearly all insurers operate an auto-renewal policy. This means they will try to use your payment details to cover the cost of another year of service.

The only way you can stop this is by calling them in time to say no. Some insurance policies are legally required, like your car insurance.

Therefore, make sure you have shopped around with a comparison website to buy another policy before you cancel the renewing one.

Make sure you have the full cover you need as mistakes can be costly. Don’t forget, you may need more cover this year than last if your driving habits have changed.

Upgrading your insurance without increasing your policy price is still possible if you shop around.

Mobile Phone

Many mobile phone companies are pretty quick to call you when your minimum term agreement is up. They want to ‘upgrade’ you.

Be very wary of this. You might be getting a brand new phone, but chances are your monthly contract costs will be higher. You may even be enticed to pay a few hundred pounds for the handset too!

You don’t have to continue with a Pay Monthly plan. Cheaper Pay As You Go options are available if you’re happy to keep your handset. You might find it possible to ‘upgrade’ your data allowance or minutes by doing it this way.


How To Upgrade Without Paying More

Of course, the term ‘upgrade’ means different things to different people. It is possible to trade in a desirable old car for a brand new small car if that’s your idea of an upgrade. Car dealers are approaching the sales of cars in more and more varied ways.

Some deals offer you a complete package of car, servicing, insurance and even fuel for a fixed monthly price. Others simply sell you the car at a price reduced down by taking your part exchange into account.

To get more for your money here, consider the value of a new model over the old one. Things like safety and fuel economy could be considered upgrades here.

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