In Case Of Emergency… Do You Know How To Protect Your Business?

In Case Of Emergency… Do You Know How To Protect Your Business?

We are forever in a perpetual state of business anxiety. Even if you think you’re prepared, there are numerous emergencies that can arise.

And while your business is sufficiently prepared in terms of the business processes, emergencies are forever on the horizon. And if we aren’t prepared for a hack, or even a natural disaster, what have we got to put in place to ensure that our business is ready for the unforeseen?

A Health And Safety Setup In The Office

We need a health and safety mindset. For small businesses, this is difficult to achieve. This is why we have to work with local suppliers that we can have a veritable shorthand with. Companies like Analogue Electrics provide fire alarms, and we have to think about the very basics before we can start to bring additional ideas to the table about protecting our infrastructure. After all, if you don’t have the basics in place, how are you going to be able to handle the complexities?

But, this is where a managed IT service company like Littlefish can help you. Technology is one of those areas that is forever changing, and if we don’t have the power in-house to manage our IT infrastructure effectively, it is essential that we get cosy with our nearby suppliers.

Business Continuity Plans

A business continuity plan is a bible should the unforeseen happen. There is no point in operating a positive mindset, especially if you think you haven’t got much to lose. Every business has a lot to lose, no matter how big or small they are. One of the biggest misunderstandings any business makes in terms of data breaches or fraud is that they believe their company to be too small, so hackers won’t bother attacking them. In actual fact, they attack smaller business more than the larger ones.

Not only do you have to make sure your business is sufficiently protected, but there needs to be a plan in place should something like this happen. If something was to happen to the office, and it is rendered uninhabitable, will the business keep going? You can implement a policy for employees to work from home in this instance, so the company can continue, but this may mean you’ll need backup equipment. A business continuity plan isn’t just something you need to pay lip service to, but it’s something you need to follow to the letter if an emergency happens.

Ensuring The Employees Don’t Lose Their Morale

As a business needs to keep going, so does the employees should they feel their job security is compromised. A business emergency, whether it’s a natural disaster, or a data breach, your employees may feel their morale threatened by these issues. It’s your responsibility to provide reassurance for them, either by ensuring they have a job to come back to, or you use the business continuity plan to provide other contingencies for your employees. Above all this, your employees need to retain some sense of morale. If they lose faith in your business, it may mean that they decide to jump ship.

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