Increasing Your Website Traffic

Increasing Your Website Traffic

The online world is all about exposure. You can have a dynamic, innovative, and creative website, but if it is not gaining a high level of traffic then what’s the point?

So, how do you increase your site traffic?

Implementing a successful SEO strategy

You should dedicate a significant amount of time to perfecting your SEO strategy. Your web design and your content need to be constructed in a particular manner that is suited to the major search engines, such as Google. Here are some of the most important SEO practices you need to be aware of…

  • Keywords – Gone are the days of simply sticking in as many keywords as possible into your content. If your keyword density is higher than 10% you could be marked as spam. You need to do your research in order to determine keywords that are the most suitable for you. They need to generate a substantial amount of monthly searches
  • Links – Aside from keywords, links make up another monumental segment of your SEO strategy. It is essential that the websites linking to your website are credible. If they are of a lower quality or have a bad reputation then their links are only going to cause more harm. You should also make sure that the inbound links come from sites similar to yours. If you sell gardening tools then a link from a women’s clothing website is unlikely to help you much. Essentially the more backlinks the better, but only if these are of quality.

Content is key

Don’t underestimate how important your content is – whether it’s content you have on your own website or guest posts you have had written. Use the following tips to ensure your content is well catered to improving your website traffic…

  • Quality – In the past many website owners were generating content that offered nothing in the terms of quality or creativity. Instead these articles were filled to the brim with keywords. However, due to the recent updates to search engines, you need to ensure the content you produce is of mass quality. Otherwise, your search engine ranking will fall. Don’t only post promotional content – post related and helpful content. If you sell computers, why not do a free VPN review or a review on the best free anti-virus software?
  • Frequent updates – Don’t simply generate content and remain stagnant for months on end. This is imperative when it comes to moving up the result pages; however it also helps to build a loyal viewership as well.
  • Originality – Come up with your own ideas and definitely don’t copy articles and content already available on the internet. Your reputation and ranking will receive a major hit if you duplicate other people’s content. This is very hard to rectify.

Take advantage of social networking

There has been a mass boom in the popularity of Twitter and Facebook with regards to business utilisation. This is no coincidence. You can use these websites to great effect if you have a good strategy in place.

  • Be patient – The first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that social networking takes time. You need to be patient and don’t get disheartened if you don’t note immediate results. Once the ball starts rolling you’ll be on fire.
  • Personalisation – Social network websites present you with the chance to get to know your customers more. Engage with people and respond to as many questions as you can. This creates a loyal band of consumers because they feel closer to the brand.
  • Be careful with links – Don’t simply post an endless array of links to your website. You need to be tactical with these. Make sure they are relevant and engaging.

If you use this blog post as a basis then you should certainly note an increase in your website traffic sooner rather than later.

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