Major Setbacks When Working In Construction


Construction is an obvious career route for many young people. We’re now seeing more women enter into the role than ever before, simply because it’s so easy to go into a role and make money from it.

Construction can be anything from scaffolding to window fitting, everyone plays a vital role in making sure that the project is completed on time. But having so many different trades and people working together just looks like chaos from the outside, and often when you do step onto a construction site, it’s easy to see that it also feels like chaos from the inside.

It’s up to the construction site managers and project organisers to try and keep everyone in check. So we’ve already started talking about one of the most major setbacks you can face, but we know there are so many more that you might have to tackle.

So, keep on reading, and we’ll talk you through some of the major setbacks that you need to try and avoid.

The Constant Clash Between Trades

So we wanted to talk about this one just a little bit more, because if there is one thing that will set you back on a construction site, it’s the constant clash between trades. One trade will do something that means the other trade can’t perform their job yet, meaning delay after delay.

It’s simple miscommunication, or none at all in fact, that leads to trades crossing over. So, to try and avoid this, we recommend that you be the one that is communicating with other trades, rather than turning up to work to see what the site looks like.

If you are a window fitter and you know the brickies are set to come in to fill the gaps they need to, but you’re not done with certain windows, advise them which one it is, rather than just hoping they know which one to avoid.

Financial Losses

Financial losses on a construction site can be absolutely huge. For a small tradie like yourself, it might not be as bad as the whole site, but to you, a small financial loss can completely upset your finances.

If you work on homes rather than on a construction site, something that doesn’t happen as often, but is devastating when it does, is when someone is injured by work you have done. Perhaps a spark causes an electric shock, or a pipe bursts and scalds someone. When you physically harm someone with the work you’ve done, you could be sued for thousands and thousands.

That’s why competitive public liability insurance is one you need to look at. This will cover you if anything did happen to someone because of your work, as well as cover the work that you’re doing in general. The more you cover your back, the less your finances are going to get hurt.

Weather Related Hell

The weather really is a unique setback that pretty much only construction workers have to deal with. If it rains or snows, often work can’t be done because it needs to be dry. So you always need to make sure that you’ve have quiet literally, saved for a rainy day.

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