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5 Money Saving Tips for Xmas

Christmas Market

Read on for 5 awesome money saving tips for Christmas!

Make a list and avoid impulse buying

Why stop at a list? Make a budget.

Whatever you do – just make sure you know what you are going to buy before you set out to shop, and don’t let yourself be tempted by deals and 3 for 2 offers if you don’t have the¬†money to cover it.

It is easy to overspend at this time of year, and too many consumers every year end up paying for it right into 2015 and beyond.

Buy Gift Cards

One way to avoid overspending is to allocate your budget for a particular person to a gift card (assuming you don’t fancy giving them the money itself).

If you know someone into computer games, if you can find out what computer system they have – eg Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or PC – you can buy them the appropriate gift card.

PC gamers often love Steam gift cards, as this means you can essentially buy a computer game and download it to your computer. Steam also have loads of great deals over the Xmas period.

Voucher Codes

Choose your retailer wisely, and make use of voucher codes for maximum money saving.

Before making any purchase – stop – have a quick look to see if you can find an appropriate voucher code, and if not, you can even think about looking for a store that does.

One great place to look is the voucher sky website, you can get money off loads of different Xmas gifts and soon New Year deals.

Compare Supermarket Veg Deals

Often supermarkets at this time of year run special offers on basic vegetables to be used for Christmas dinners, to entice shoppers in to buy more.

A picture was circulating today showing prices at Asda, but they were actually a little higher than in Tesco of late Рwho are selling carrots, white potatoes, brussel sprouts and more, all for £0.49 a packet. In comparison, Asda were charging in the 70p range.

Just be careful not to overspend on other deals and offers you might see along the way, unless you have a little spare budget for treats.

You can compare the price of the fruit and veg on a few different websites in the UK such as MySupermarket.

Make A No Presents Pact

If your partner, your friend or family might fancy it – make a ‘no present’ or ‘cheap present’ pact with them. Instead of spending ¬£20+, agree to just spend ¬£5 or ¬£10.

Do this with more than one person and it can quickly add up.

You might want to encourage this with people that often give you presents you don’t like!


We hope you have enjoyed our article, if you have any more money saving tips leave them below!

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