Office Design Tips To Encourage Productivity

Office Design Tips To Encourage Productivity

An office space which is aesthetically designed is conducive to employee engagement and productivity, as well as portrays a professional image to visitors.

As a business owner time should be given to creating an office space which encourages productivity and sales right from the very beginning.

Taking on a premises for a business is a huge financial commitment so the design and location is a major consideration, as is the amount of space for the number of employees and usage.

If you imagine that your office is as important as a shop window, it will be easier to imagine the image it portrays to visitors. It is essential to give a good first impression, whilst looking professional, clean and tidy.

Employees working in an attractive environment are more likely to be content in their role, happy staff equals higher work production. Maintaining a clean and tidy office environment can be a tricky task, especially when the workload is high.

It would be a good idea to consider selecting from a range of serviced office spaces, which is a luxury office space rental option with utilities, cleaning, security and property management included in the rates.

This article aims to look at ways of making your business look more aesthetically pleasing.


Ensure the entrance to your office space is welcoming, clean and tidy. Even if your budget is minimal you can ensure the front entrance is appealing by keeping up regular maintenance.

Ensure that pathways leading to the doorway are clear from debris and weeds, as well as being well maintained. Good lighting is essential for the dark winter months.

Ensure that the signage to your office is clear and visible from the car park or road. Ensure the clear signage continues as people enter the property with clear directions.

Consider placing a welcome or reception desk clearly visible from the doorway. Add greenery to waiting areas and reception.

Internal design

Much research has been given to the design of office spaces. Gone are the days when desks were placed in long dusty rows. Office design now encompasses different zones which encourage collaboration, meeting areas, relaxing, networking and work focus. This encourages good productivity and creates a buzzing work environment.

Create a modern office space which makes use of all natural light available. Airy, light spaces are a healthy environment for staff to work within and lifts the mood.

If light is at a premium choose artificial light options that mimic natural daylight. Decorate in light colours and avoid the traditional “grey” office decor.

Maximise space

Although renting large office spaces is expensive the investment will be returned tenfold if staff are working in an environment which encourages productivity.

Cramped office spaces are stifling and soon become cluttered. Staff require space to move around. An overly crowded environment is also unsafe as trips and falls are more likely to occur.

Bring the outside in

Add greenery to your office space to create a fresh feel. The colour green increases production and evokes a sense of calmness.

Create a green oasis using plants and consider painting a wall or two in the colour green. If space permits a green area to the entrance of your premises will provide a space  for staff to relax and a good waiting area for clients and customers.

Hopefully by incorporating the above tips into your office design you will see profit margins rise and maintain a stable staff team with low turnover.

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