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Saving Money With Essential Home Maintenance – Tips From Winchmore Hill Plumbing

Saving Money With Essential Home Maintenance – Tips From Winchmore Hill Plumbing

With a little bit of forward planning, you can keep your plumbing systems healthy and avoid needing to call out a specialist.

These Winchmore Hill Plumbing tips explain how to look after your home and, hopefully, avoid an expensive plumber callout.

Suddenly realising that you have a plumbing issue can be really frustrating, especially if you don’t have room in your budget for the extra expense. These Winchmore Hill Plumbing tips will help you to keep your pipes and drains healthy, so that you only need to call the experts in when there’s a real emergency or a problem.

Dispose of waste correctly

Saving Money With Essential Home Maintenance – Tips From Winchmore Hill Plumbing

This means only using toilets and sinks for what they were designed to do. After going to the bathroom, the only additional thing that you should be flushing is toilet paper: everything else, including sanitary products and wipes, need to be put in the dustbin. When it comes to using the sink, you need to make sure that you’re not washing grease or food leftovers down the plughole. These items can quickly clog a drain if you’re not careful! The same is true for hair in the shower.

One key recommendation is to invest in a couple of sink strainers. Ideal for your kitchen sink and your bath, these fit over the plughole to collect anything that shouldn’t go down the drain for you to dispose of later. Costing just a couple of quid, they could save a fortune on Winchmore Hill plumbing costs later down the line.

Be on the lookout for small/hidden leaks

Saving Money With Essential Home Maintenance – Tips From Winchmore Hill Plumbing

Small and hidden leaks can cause a problem because you don’t always notice them right away – and by the time you do discover there’s an issue, they’ve already done their damage. Aside from carrying out a semi-regular inspection of your pipes (for instance, you should check the pipes under your sink every few months), there are a few signs that you can look out for:

  • Unexplained increase in water usage
  • An unpleasant odour of damp wood or mildew
  • An increase in bugs that thrive in moist conditions, like cockroaches and silverfish
  • There are dirt or rust particles in your water – this, in particular, is a sign of a broken pipe

In these instances, you may be able to locate the leak yourself or you may need to call in the help of a plumbing expert to assist you. Either way, catching the problem early will make the repairs easier and cheaper whilst minimising the damage.

Keep your pipes warm during cold spells

This is another one of those tips where you need to spend a little bit of money in order to save a lot. Making sure that you have your central heating on regularly during the winter months stops your pipes from freezing and bursting. A burst pipe is a huge, costly problem – so running the heating for a couple of hours a day is essential. If you go on holiday, be sure to set a timer so that your heating will come on when you’re not in the house.

There’s no fool proof way to keep from needing a plumber – problems will always arise eventually, and it’s reassuring to know that experts will be on hand when you need them. But with these Winchmore Hill Plumbing tips, you can at least be sure that you’re avoiding unnecessary additional problems.

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