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The Tech Age Brought Terrific Savings

The Tech Age Brought Terrific Savings - Smartphone

Do you make the most of technology to save money?

Say what you will about technology, it’s certainly been a wonderful gift for personal finances. If you think about it, technology has created some incredible ways we can save money.

Let’s take a look at a quick example of mobile banking and internet banking. On the surface, this might not seem like a big deal. After all, it just means that you can check your accounts more easily and that’s not going to save you money, is it.

But wait because in the past if you wanted to check your cash, you had to find an ATM or a bank. Now, all you need to really do is look down at your phone, and it’s all right there.

It might take a short while for your account to register a purchase. But even then you can check your records and find out whether something has gone out that you know you paid for.

So, you always know how much money you have in the modern age. Be it in your wallet, in your bank account or in savings. This essentially means that people find it easier to budget.

There’s no massive mistake purchase we think we can afford when really we never could. It helps individuals keep a check on their spending and…save money! Here are some of the other ways tech has helped out here.

Price Comparison Sites

The Tech Age Brought Terrific Savings

Price comparison sites are the ultimate tool for the keen shopper. You no longer have to take a gamble on whether or not you’ve found the cheapest price for the product you’re buying on the market.

When you go shopping, you can look at your phone and find out if the item you’re buying is cheaper anywhere else. Now, that might not seem like a massive save, but, if you buy a large box of Coke every week for ten pound and it’s six in another shop, that save is certainly going to add up.

It’s not just little expenses either, it’s the bigger buys that we can now check online. For instance, you may be looking into getting a new energy supplier for your home.

Now you can have a look online and make sure you’re getting the best price on the market. Or, how about car insurance? We all know how the prices can vary but with a price comparison site like Money Expert, you never have to be a victim of this. You can get the cheapest deal on the market.

Cost Competition

The Tech Age Brought Terrific Savings

Internet sites have brought fresh cost competition to the market as well. Just look at the high street film, game and music stores. If you wanted to purchase a film in the past, you’d be buying from a shop like HMV and prices would be high.

Now, there are stores like Amazon dropping prices left right and centre. Unfortunately, this has meant that some shops have shut down due to not being able to keep up with the competition.

But others have been forced to price their products at more competitive levels, and that’s nothing but good news for customers. You don’t have to spend a fortune anymore.

Not when you know there’s always going to be a business willing to undercut the RRP often by a staggering amount.

Bye Bye Mobile Bills

The Tech Age Brought Terrific Savings - Smartphone

Do you constantly get those annoying calls from your phone provider? Everyone does but next time they ring maybe you should tell them you’re using Skype and other VoIP services for calls in future.

This is a lot cheaper than your typical phone provider, and in some cases, it’s completely free. Most customer service numbers now allow you to call using Skype and apps, free of charge.

That means you can always stay in touch with shops that you buy from without an expensive phone bill. In fact, with instant messaging and free wifi in most urban areas is there any real need for a phone provider anymore?

We’re not so sure, but if that was the case tech can help you cut twenty-forty pound out of your monthly spending.

Farewell Exponential Energy Costs

The Tech Age Brought Terrific Savings - LED Light Bulb

It might seem like every year energy costs get higher. After all, we are always adding new tech and device to our home that need energy to run.

But actually, tech is still saving us a lot of money, and that’s because new tech is greener. Writing this article isn’t actually costing any money at all because the laptop I’m using has a battery life of ten hours.

That means it’s possible to complete a full day of work without every having to recharge. Yes, you do have to charge it up eventually but once a day isn’t so bad at all is it?

There’s lots of tech like this on the market and that’s not the only way tech can save you money. You can also buy things like LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs last for thousands of hours before you even need to think about replacing them. They’re brighter too with great savings.

A Whole New World Of Entertainment

Did you know that a lot of people are cutting their cable at home for good? It’s true, and it’s not the only tech that’s decreasing thanks to a better upgrade. People have also stopped buying hard copies of films, music and games.

Instead, everything is being bought online or watched using a streaming service. So, rather than paying ten or twenty pounds for a film each month, you can watch as many as you like on Netflix for a fractional cost.

There is the issue of the multiple streaming networks having rights to different titles. But, even if you buy a subscription for all of them, you won’t come close to the amount you’d have to pay to buy all the media separately.

Need A Voucher? There’s An App For That

Finally, if you want money off a product, all you need to do is download an app free of charge. There are apps with vouchers that will give you money off everything from food to holidays!

So, there’s no need to stretch your budget to the limit anymore. Thanks to tech, you can live past your means without pushing your bank balance to the max.

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