The Ultimate Business Premises Guide: Which Types Is Best?

The Ultimate Business Premises Guide: Which Types Is Best?

If you think picking a place in which to live is tough, wait until you get to the difficult decisions you will have to make about where to locate your business!

Yes, that’s right picking the right business premises in the correct location is vital for your company’s success, but it’s not always an easy choice to make.

That is why we have put together to post below to help you.

Urban spaces

The advantages of choosing an urban premises is that they are usually pretty easy to get to. Something that makes it easier for your workers to commute, as well as any visitors and suppliers to find your location.

Urban style office may provide your business with kudos.

The Ultimate Business Premises Guide: Which Types Is Best?

There is also a certain status that businesses that have their premises in a city location can achieve. This is something that is worth not skipping over too, because to be seen as a real player in your field it may be that you need that certain type of office, in the specific area of the city that is dedicated to your sector.

However, there are some disadvantages with having your premises located right in the city, too. The primary one is the cost that is associated with popular postcodes.

This is something that can stretch your budget beyond reasonable limits, and may not be the best investment if you haven’t got the fund to spare at the moment.

Building your own

The Ultimate Business Premises Guide: Which Types Is Best?

The option of finding your own location for your businesses building is not something that many companies consider. However, this can be a real mistake.

Especially if you have specialised needs and require manufacturing equipment, or access to certain resources, as it can save you logistics costs in the long run.

Of course, building your own business premises is not without its challenges. In particular, doing it this way will take longer than if you decide on a ready-made office or factory, and you will have to get planning permission for whatever you want to build before you can begin the work.

This can be fairly tricky depending on the location you are looking at too. Luckily, there are professional planning consultants out there, whose business it is to help you with this.

Something that it is incredibly useful, as there are many regulations and hoop that you will need to jump through to get the go ahead.

Out of town developments

Last, of all, you may wish to consider out of town and business park premises for your company. The advantages of these are that they are built with business in mind, so you are much more likely to get the amount of space that you need both for your office and any other functions that you require.

They are also often positioned well in term of transport links, meaning that your logistics bill can be significantly reduced by choosing this type.

However, there is some type of businesses that these out of town development don’t suit. Ones that require footfall and easy access for individual customers on a daily basis are a bad fit.

In addition, you are dependent on whether there is a unit available when you need it. Something that means it could be the best choice, but not one you can make at the right time.

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