Tips For Commuting On The Train

Train by platform at train station

It can be a bit nerve-wracking using public transport at the moment as the pandemic continues, but if you have to get on the train for one reason or another then there are a few tips to keep in mind which will help you to travel safely and hopefully help you to feel less stressed.

Travel During Off-Peak Hours

First, you should try to travel at a quieter time. Public transport is much quieter than normal at the moment as many people are working from home or travelling by car, but you should still look to travel during off-peak hours if possible in order to make it easier to maintain social distancing and for a less-stressful journey.

Book Your Ticket Online

You can also book your train ticket online, including trains to Doncaster from London. Booking online will give you one less thing to have to do on the day of travel, plus it means that you will not have to queue up or speak to anyone as you can simply collect your ticket and you might even save money with this method too.

Man waiting on station platform using phone

Maintain Social Distancing

As with anywhere at the moment, you should be maintaining social distancing while at the station and on the train. Obviously, this can be difficult on a train which is why it is best to go at quieter times but you should find that you are able to maintain at least 1 meter most of the time.

Wear A Mask

You must also wear a mask while at the station and on the train too, which will provide added protection which will be valuable if you are struggling to maintain social distancing. Masks are one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from transmission, so make sure that you have one on you at all times and you know how to wear and clean it properly after use.

Man and women wearing mask on train

Carry Hand Sanitiser

Finally, it is a good idea to carry hand sanitiser with you while travelling on the train. It is very easy to touch various items while travelling by train whether this is the buttons on the door, handrails or bannisters on the stairs at the station. Use hand sanitiser directly after coming into contact with any foreign object to prevent transmission (and other germs) and have peace of mind.

Hopefully, this will make your train journey feel much less stressful while also helping you to stay safe and protect public health. 

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