Top 5 Unusual Ways to use Online Videos

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The power of videos on the internet is massive. Millions of people around the world are viewing some sort of video at any one time, be it on a specialist video site such as YouTube, a social media platform like Facebook or simply as part of a standard webpage.

They resonate with the majority of web users because they require less effort to view and can engage better with an audience.

Many companies now implement video advertising as part of their marketing campaigns.

The idea is to make their video go viral where it is seen by as many people as possible. This of course spreads the product message and reinforces the brand name all over the web.

Because creating and spreading videos has become such a big part of the internet, there are plenty of creative and imaginative ways to use them online. Here are 5 top ideas for this:


Vine is a mobile application owned by Twitter where users can create and post videos of up to 6 seconds long on their timelines.

Despite the short timeframe to work with posting vines has proved to be extremely popular, with a whole host of videos being created ranging from the constructive to the downright bizarre.

If your business has a Twitter account, then uploading unique Vines is an effective way to add more followers.


Animoto is a website where you can create video slideshow of personal or web-based images and combine them with your own choice of music and text.

This is useful for when you have a host of pictures ready to be shared and are not too sure if people will want to sit through them all.

Creating an attractive slideshow with a catchy soundtrack and explanations of the pics goes down well with viewers.

You can look more and get some ideas of what you can do with them, visit online:

Be Creative

When it comes to making a video, you should do your best to stand out from the countless others dotted around the internet.

Plan carefully how to approach the theme of the video; will it cover a comical or serious topic?

Will it have a shocking subject matter to play on the viewers’ emotions? Will you use traditional actors or make it an animated movie? Whichever route you decide to go down, think outside the box to spread your message in the most appealing way possible.

Interactive Videos

One original way to harness added interest in your videos is to make them interactive, giving viewers chance to dictate and play around with the content. A common example of an interactive video is when the user can choose between different options that decide how the video finishes.

You could also implement a questionnaire into the content, gaining valuable input from people about what they have just seen.

More information about interactive videos and the kind of thing you can find are here:

Video Series

Another idea is to plan out a series of videos so that viewers will keep coming back and listening each day or each week, whatever the interval may be.

Like a traditional TV programme or soap, these ‘webisodes’ should be witty, entertaining but also contain cliff-hangers and gripping action. With this and a stable flow of returning viewers, you can implement marketing techniques with more confidence they will be seen.

Paid Social & Content Discovery

Once you have your video published what next?

There is YouTube advertising.

You can also look at paid social advertising and content discovery networks. This infographic lists 10 of the top content discovery and paid social platforms.

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