Top Industrialists Are Obsessed With Cleanliness. Why You Need To Join Them

Top Industrialists Are Obsessed With Cleanliness. Why You Need To Join Them

The words “dirty” and “industry” have often gone hand-in-hand.

But in recent years, there’s been a sea change. Large and small manufacturers alike have focused on creating highly-controlled, clean environments that are just as hygienic as hospitals, if not more so.

The original image of dirty industry came about in the nineteenth century, thanks to the rows upon rows of smokestacks popping up in towns and cities across the country. Then, at the start of the twentieth century, the press started circulating images of grubby workers in auto factories, working under cars in hot and dangerous conditions.

The image of dirty industry stuck, but the reality moved on a long time ago. Industrialists can no longer afford to ignore cleanliness. It’s essential for creating reliable, high-quality products.

The Current Crop Of Industrialists Are Obsessed With Cleanliness

Step into practically any modern car plant or industrial facility, and you’ll immediately notice something: just how clean everything is. Tesla Motors, for instance, totally transformed its Fremont facility from something dark and dank to light and airy. The production floor of the factory is brushed concrete, interspersed by a jungle of robot arms. The whole thing looks more like a giant operating room, rather than somewhere that puts cars together.

The same is true of practically any electronics components manufacturers. Clean rooms with 100,000 fewer particulates than normal air allow firms to create fine details on the surface of chips that power today’s modern devices. And companies make workers wear special suits, just in case their skin flakes off and bungs up the machinery.

Tips For Keeping Your Business Premises Clean

No matter what kind of business you run, cleanliness is essential. Not only does it allow you to create a better quality product, but it also helps to improve conditions for workers. Industrial cleaning isn’t just something nice to have, but essential.

Encourage Proper Waste Management

Waste management is one of the most significant issues your business faces. How do you dispose of all the junk generated by employees? The solution is rather simple: create a waste management program. This could include providing special bins for different items, encourage employees to eat in particular spaces, and contracting with a third party to remove certain items of waste before they cause problems for your production facility.

Deal With Maintenance Issues Fast

Some maintenance issues, such as gaps, crevices, cracks and holes can become focal points for dirt and grime to build up. Eliminating these problems helps to improve hygiene.

Cover cracks with plaster and fill gaps with caulking or other suitable filler. Replace broken flooring with something new and durable, including industrial concrete.

Clean Away All Food At The End Of The Day

Food crumbs on the floor are not only a hazard, but they can also attract pests to your business premises who could cause further damage. Pests have an annoying habit of chewing through cables, damaging equipment, and leaving waste products all over your site. Have a policy of clearing away food at the end of the day to discourage critters from moving in.

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